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Is Trying to Convert Me?


I was thinking of buying the Geneva font for some new project when I clicked on a button for some  "sample text."  And this is what I got:

"Verily the dark ex-Jew quit Zionism, preferring the cabala."    

This is absolutely true.

Are the people at reacting to my last post?


Is this a sign?  Josia at her Kabbalah site thinks so!


  1. Mik

    That’s funny, aren’t there other phrases that use all the letters of the alphabet they could’ve used?


  2. modigli


    hey I thought it was Kabbalah, not Cabala.
    Hmm??? What do you say?

  3. modigli

    dang! I thought I was first! … lol!

  4. Nicole

    I can’t stop laughing about that… literally, I’ve been giggling for ten minutes now… LOL, I mean ROTFL!!!

  5. kris

    We should probably consult Madonna on this spelling dispute.

  6. cruisin-mom

    Better yet, let’s consult Brittany Spears (that great Kabbala/Cabala authority) on the spelling issue, or is it Britney? After all, she wears a little red bracelet.

  7. Neil

    From Google search:

    Also spelled Kabbala, Kabalah, Kabala, Cabala, Cabbala, Cabalah, Cabbalah, Qabala

    You’d think for a “science” that focuses on the one real “truth,” that they could at least decide on one way of spelling it.

  8. The Moviequill

    that font will look good pressed into my Gestetner

  9. Esther

    You’re so right. This is supremely bizarre.

  10. Pearl

    Firstly, he’s an “ex-Jew”. Wouldn’t that be the giveaway that he quit JUDAISM, rather than Zionism necessarily?
    And I can’t help but visualize Theodore Herzl when I read these stupid lines…but if that’s the case, you’d be ordering a Basel font, and not a Geneva font. (Basel, where my roots lay, is where Zionism was founded by Herzl.)

  11. M.A.

    Does the dark mean “mood, outlook” or does dark mean something else? I’m just fascinated by the line of text.

  12. Sophia

    Pearl, you’re almost right on Herzl.
    Theodor Herzl was an Austrian Jew, but he was living in France and was influenced by the Dreyfus case in France,and the officially sponsored riots against the Jews in Russia. He saw it all as part of an international campaign that could destroy all Jews. That’s where he wrote “The Jewish State.” BUT – the World Jewish Congress that Herzl called in 1897,took place in Basel, Switzerland, where your roots lay. 🙂

  13. Neil

    I read it as “dark and handsome,” but that may just be an ego thing.

  14. Atomic Bombshell

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! I had wicked fun on that site (and picked up a font for a project) not more than two days ago.

    You’re freaking me out… No seriously, you’re freaking me out. 😉

  15. Josia

    You’re freaking me out too Neil!! … NOT. I can see you’ve been reading some of our stuff (You’d think for a “science” that focuses on the one real “truth,”) so you can expect some more “freaky stuff”. Welcome to where the real action is. Do you need a bigger welcome than that that Mr. Writer and Web Producer? In your fonts no less … and Geneva is supposed to be so neutral …

  16. Rachel

    Whatever happened to the quick brown fox?

  17. JJ MacMillan

    You know the guy trying to come up with the sentence started backwards from Zionism. Let’s Z. Zebra. Xylophone. No, that start’s with an X. Zionism! Okay, Jordan, Jump, Jones, Jew! Okay, okay, really going now. Cat, Carton, Kaballah!

  18. Megarita

    I’m with Rachel — all you needed was the lazy brown dog. Creepy. Very creepy.

  19. The Retropolitan

    Who says “verily” these days? Is that dark ex-Jew lingo?

  20. Neil

    Josia writes about this on her Kabbalah site:

  21. Josia

    Just think how many years of planning the Universe put into creating this little scenario for you Neil (no big deal for the Light to pull something like that off) – then think about how immature we are compared to the force that created us. It’s not an old guy in the sky with a white beard – it’s the highest level – it’s 125 levels away from where you are right now.

  22. Nancy French

    ARE YOU SERIOUS? I thought you were kidding. I’m going to that site. That is ludicrous, if you are serious.

    What if it said, “The former Kaballah convert sobered up and accepted Jesus.” I bet people would be so mad.

  23. Neil

    Absolutely serious. But when I tried it again, I didn’t get the same message. There must be some sort of loop. Or IS there?

  24. Josia

    It was just for you Neil 🙂

  25. Brooks Moses

    I’m quite certain that the Kaballah experts agree on exactly how it ought to be spelled, Neil.

    The disagreement, of course, is on how it should be transliterated into a Latin alphabet. : )

    (But I’m sure you knew that.)

  26. Neil

    Oh my god, now Moses is posting on my site! (see last person who commented) Let’s just hope that the next person isn’t named Abraham, Isaac, or Jacob.

  27. Josia

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Mugsy

    FYI – The strange pangrams displayed in the font sample at do indeed change.
    A different one appears each time you click the Word “Geneva”. I noticed a line, just below the sample text, that says:
    “Current program source: typophile Pangrams Forum” The link goes to

  29. Neil

    Thanks, Mugsy. At least you proved I wasn’t going crazy…

    Although, I would have much preferred to get this message:

    “The sex life of the woodchuck is a provocative question for most vertebrate zoology majors.”

  30. Daniel

    Still odd that they would include that as one of there choices as the sample text.

  31. Michael

    I wandered by and thought I’d leave a comment about the spelling “Cabala” vs. the many variant spellings — this is no mistake, its part of the cryptic message you have received from On High. It goes with the rather negatively put “Ex-Jew” and “Quitting Zionism” (could have been “Beyond-Jew” and “Transcending Zionism”) as an indication of universalizing orientations of QBLH that swap and share with Pagan Greek(Pythagorean), Christian Gnostic and Sufi mystical doctrines. In fact Cabala with a “C” is ultimately based upon a Sufi word game of homonyms having mystical connection to each other (a gematria of sound): Cabala thus relates to medieval Christian and Islamic knighthood mysteries, by emphasizing the homonymic resemblance to “Caballo” or horse in Romance languages like Italian or Spanish (the first open literature of “Cabala” with that “friendly swapping” spirit). Giordano Bruno (that “fiery” Christian Hermetic Cabalist, burned at the stake in 1600) emphasized this aspect of the spelling in the title of his lyrical masterpiece “Cabala Di Caballo Pegasi” or the Cabala of Pegasus — the winged horse of Divine Revelation, as opposed to the Ass of dogma. Bruno shared the same fate as mythic Belerophon, the rider of Pegasus, who was put down for attempting to ride Pegasus to the top of Mt. Olympos, the Divine Abode. Narrow-minded and sectarian Qabalists or Kabalists would sneer at poor Belerophon and say he just wasnt Jewish enough to make it to the top. I like to think otherwise, get on your horse and ride!

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