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Saturday Night
as sung by The Bay City Rollers
(written by Bill Martin and Phil Coulter)

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night!
S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night!
S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night!
S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night!


Gonna keep on dancin’ to the
rock and roll
On Saturday night, Saturday night
Dancin’ to the rhythm in our
heart and soul
On Saturday Night, Saturday night


I-I-I-I-I just can’t wait,
I-I-I-I got a date


At the good ole rock and roll road
show, I gotta go
Saturday Night,
Saturday Night
Gonna rock it up, roll it up
Do it all, have a ball,
Saturday Night,
Saturday Night
It’s just a Saturday Night!
It’s just a Saturday Night!
It’s just a Saturday Night!


Gonna dance with my baby till the
night is thru
On Saturday Night, Saturday Night
Tell her all the little things I’m
gonna do
On Saturday night, Saturday Night


I-I-I-I-love her so
I-I-I I’m gonna let her know




It’s just a Saturday Night!
It’s just a Saturday Night!
IT’s just a Saturday Night!
It’s just a Saturday Night!


  1. cruisin-mom

    Neil, if a date with the laundry brings you such joy that it moves you to song, let me recommend the romantic date of dates to you…none other than a stroll through Costco. You can have it all in under one roof…music, movies, literature,flowers, and I haven’t even mentioned the fine dining. Now that’s a Saturday night!!!

  2. meghan

    wow. looks like your saturday night beat mine!

  3. Brooke

    That was brilliant!!! Brilliant!!! Thank you for the laugh.

    By the way, I used to have a Bay City Rollers poster in my room. That was once my favorite song. Are you trying to tell me they didn’t write their own music???? Say it ain’t so Neil!

  4. Neil

    Sorry, Brooke, those sexy Scots didn’t write it. But boy could they rock! just in case you lost your old 45 record, I added an mp3 snippet at the end of the post.

  5. M.A.

    This should be the opening shot in a movie! I’m sorry that I received so much pleasure at your expense.

  6. amber

    shamefully we’ve been abusing the Saturday Night melody to remember automatic dailer codes at work. It’s much better as a laundry song 🙂

  7. Nonsensical_Flounderings

    Cool, and we do laundry on the same night it seems and pay the same amount.

    Not much of a BC Rollers fans myself, my cousin loved them.


  8. Fun Joel

    I must admit, I’m a bit disturbed by that second-to-last picture. What the hell WAS that white thing sitting on the table top?

  9. Neil

    It’s my Bay City Rollers t-shirt after I put it in the dryer for too long.

    (Actually, it’s a woman’s sock that someone left)

  10. alley rat

    your laundry room seems much friendlier than mine. mine has all these unsexy rules, like no laundry after 9pm. frigid bitch.

  11. sunshine

    Hilarious! I haven’t heard that song in years, and the laundromat photos are so clever.

    You know, when you think about it, a coin laundry could make a really good disco if you turned the lights down, installed one of those spinning mirror globe things on the ceiling, and gave everyone a pair of rollerskates!

  12. Jack

    Saturday Night’s alright for fightin

  13. Nonsensical

    Our laundry room has rules, that the door will be locked by 10PM. It never is and people are doing laundry until the wee hours and we have to sleep with the dryers humming away, bastages!


  14. Pauly D

    I don’t quite get the joke here.

    You’re showing us pictures of the laundromat, yet you’re talking about going out and having a date. Are you cleaning your clothes in PREPARATION for the date? That’s it, isn’t it!?

    Haha. That is funny.

  15. The Moviequill

    I know a few women who set one of the legs off kilter and then remove their clothing and sit on top as it agitages…

  16. Leese

    A productive date, I see!

  17. Nonsensical_Flounderings

    These women that takes their clothes off and sit on the machines, obviously don’t have community laundry rooms like us. Unless that’s the explaination for the late night laundry room usage, mmm.


  18. Anonymous City Girl

    It’s only $1.00 a load there???

  19. Disco Man

    To Brooke: Actually the Bay City Rollers did write a couple of their big hits: “Money Honey” (number 1 song and follow-up in North America to Saturday Night)was written by guitarists Eric Faulkner and Stuart “Woody” Wood. And “Don’t Stop the Music” (charted at #6) was also penned by Faulkner and Wood.
    But most of their huge hits, including Saturday Night and Shang-a-lang were written by the well-known Scottish team Bill Martin and Phil Coulter.

    The unfortunate thing was that Martin and Coulter got rich from the songs – the Rollers got nothing.

  20. Pearl

    Too bad it was a sock — and not a bra! — that was left behind. Then that Saturday night at the Laundromat (TM) would’ve been worth it.

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