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Russian Porn: First We Shovel Snow

Every once in a while, I accidentally find myself on a website where there are photos of women undressing.  Normally, I would quickly click away, but sometimes I stay for the articles, oops, I meant – for sociological reasons.  You can learn a lot about other cultures.

For instance, here in America, women frequently fantasize about the sexy “pool boy” or gardener, such as the character played by Jesse Metcalf in Desperate Housewives.


In the upper regions of Siberia, men must be fantasizing about the sexy female snow shoveler.

(“Can I shovel your driveway?”)

(“It’s freezing in here…  you mean
there’s no heat?)

(“No problem.  I’m already hot from all
that snow shoveling”)

(“The smell of this fake leather chair
makes me hungry for Mama’s borscht.”

(“But first let me change into a pair of
snowpants and shovel some more


  1. Christopher

    I think that you are too beautiful for an online computer porn site. Chris

  2. Jennifer H

    Any sociologist worth his (or her, because it’s probably not just the fellas who are checking her out…) salt would do the same. The world thanks you.

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