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I say Omorosa

(photo from Reality TV World)

Today I looked at my "stats" page showing the hits I’ve gotten since starting "Citizen of the Month."  I noticed that there were quite a few hits based on Google searches for Omorosa, the villain from the first season of "The Apprentice" (and the fifth season of "The Surreal Life.")  Were all these hits based upon this rather mediocre "humorous" post where I mentioned her name? 

I immediately went to Google and searched for "Omorosa," and there I was — #3!   That’s #3 out of all the sites that mention Omorosa, and there must be thousands of these sites that Google indexes! 

The results were clear.  You love me!  The blogosphere really, really loves me! 

I called up several friends. 

"Go right now and search for Omorosa in Google."

I emailed a relative back East.

"Look who’s #3!"

A half hour later, I received a call from Sophia. 

"Sorry, bigshot," she said.  "The correct spelling of Omorosa is Omarosa."

I was the #3 site for idiots like me who spelled her name wrong.  When her name is correctly spelled, my post is nowhere to be found on Google or anywhere.

Google, here I am — Omarosa, spelled correctly.   Please bring back the love.


  1. Richard

    Neil’s Inner Emotional Life cries out:
    “Oh! Morose! Ah!”

  2. Jim

    Do more readers now come from Omorosa or Omarosa?

  3. Neil

    Omorosa, the incorrect way. I’m sure these readers really appreciate that I called them “idiots like me.”

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