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Hey! Mormons! Leave Them Jews Alone!

The A.P. reports that:

Jewish leaders claim Mormons continue to posthumously baptize Jews and Holocaust victims.  

In this practice, the Mormon church collects the names of the dead from government records, then church members stand in to baptize the deceased into their new religion.  The church believes individuals’ ability to choose a religion continues beyond the grave.

The church supposedly directed its members in 1995 to stop baptizing the names of Jewish Holocaust victims, celebrities and people who aren’t relatives, but there is evidence that the practice never stopped.

I once visited the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City en route to Park City and they were pretty open about their practices.   Boy, was that visit weird.   The "tour guides" mistook my politeness for interest, and before I know it, I was stuck watching this multimedia production about Mormon founder Joseph Smith.

As for the continuing effort of Mormons to posthumously baptize Jews, the Jewish community is fighting back.   This Saturday, at Temple Isaiah in Great Neck, Long Island, the Sisterhood is meeting to discuss next month’s proposed bar mitzvah of Mormon Jeopardy champ, Ken Jennings.


  1. Evan

    I grew up in SLC. It is one weird place. But they have the best ice cream in the country because there’s no booze, sex, fun, or anything else to do.

  2. paperback writer

    My grandmother and mother are Mormons (I’m really having trouble not writing morons). So, you must imagine my mother’s dismay at marrying someone who is Jewish.

    I must write a post about my marriage ceremony to Loki.


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