Captain’s Log, 1.31.2019

The situation at Space Station Facebook continues to deteriorate. Various factions have built armed encampments and leadership is weak. Admiral Zuckerberg and his cohorts at HQ refuse to fight attacks on privacy. Residents are followed by corporate-owned robots. Free speech is limited, overseen by self-appointed political watchdogs. What was once a resistance has been severely broken by infighting. Many have disembarked to other colonies, or returned to Earth, but I will not abandon all that we have worked for on our beloved Space Station. We can, once again, make it into the jewel of the Federation. But I am realistic about the future. That is why today, I have re-energized the warp core of my former satellite, the U.S.S. Citizen. While it has been abandoned for over a year, it still maintains a Class-M position  in the  solar system, even with much of it’s infrastructure crumbling. It will require hours of engineering to retrofit and fix the thrusters. If you are receiving this transmission on Space Station Facebook, it means the updates proceeded with no problem. This begins a new era in my career with the Federation. My plan is to transport back and forth between these two ships. I reiterate – I have not given up on our beloved Spaceship, even with the enemy’s constant threats of attack. The propaganda and hate must end, and a new treaty of engagement must be signed by all parties, what I like to call The New Alliance. For now, the security and safety of my friends and colleagues are my highest priority, and the reemergence of my former tiny satellite, a mere speck of a home compared to the planet-sized Spaceship, is essential.  Only the future can tell whether this old and weary space will one day prove useful as an escape and a safe sanctuary for all.  Godspeed.