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Fictional Characters of New York #49


“Not here, Steven.”

“Will I see you later?”

“Not here.  People are looking.  Let’s talk inside.”

“I don’t want to go inside. I don’t care if the whole world knows.”

“Oh no?  And what about Lisa?”

“Let Lisa find out. Where’s the security camera?  Let her see us on our TV at home!   Let her know everything.”

“You WANT Lisa to find out this way, don’t you, so you don’t have to tell her?  Why don’t you be a man and TELL her to her face rather than trying to be caught on Fifth Avenue?”

“Soon. I promise. Soon, I’ll tell her.  I’m being serious here.  By January.  By January, I’ll file for divorce.”

“Then let’s discuss this matter again in January.”

“No.  Don’t go.  I can’t let you go.  I need you. My body yearns for you all day.”

“Get a divorce.”

“I know. I know. It’s just, It’s complicated. I know it’s a cliche.  But it really is complicated.”

“You’re not going to leave Lisa and the kids.”

” I will. I promise. I just want to do it the right way, with everyone happy.   Because I’m a good man.”

“If you were a good man you wouldn’t be fucking me every Tuesday night at the Hyatt.”

” I am a good man.  I’m a kind, moral person who wants to do the right thing. My marriage has been dead for years.”

“So leave it already.”

“Beth, you’ve never been married. When you’re married for 15 years, you’re connected in so many stupid ways.  It’s like a web that needs to be untangled. But I promise, at the end, everyone will be happy – me, you, Lisa, and the kids. We’ll all be happy because happiness is the most important thing in life. Right? I make you happy. I know I do. I see it in your face. I see it in your eyes right now. I see it in your blushing. I’m a good man. A good man who wants to make things right. A good man who has fallen for the most amazing and beautiful woman in the New York City. You do see me as a good man, right?”


Will you meet me at the Hyatt tonight?”



  1. Veronica

    He is not a good man, he is a needy one. Selfish, I think, in all the ways he consumes the love of those around him, taking rather than giving. Confused, in that he has no real idea about happiness. She may be the same way. Or not. Perhaps they *are* the perfect match.

    • Neil

      Nah, it’s not gonna work out at the end.

  2. jana

    steven actually seems sincere and looks happy.
    lisa needs to let her heart trust that.
    clearly by saying “yes” to meeting him again,
    she doesn’t think he’s not a good man.
    her body language says she needs and wants him
    but is scared to be too vulnerable.

    • Neil

      you’re good at reading photos.

  3. Shannon akaMonty

    I think they both need the shit slapped out of them. 🙂 #NoCheatersAllowed

    • Neil

      yes, but then there would be no story.

      • Shannon akaMonty

        Sure there would still be a story – it would just end with them getting the shit slapped out of them. Preferably by the wife. 😀

  4. kenju

    I agree with Shannon. He will not leave his wife and Beth will still be meeting him every week – or she will grow a pair and stop.

    • Neil

      I liked that she said yes at the end.

      • Kir

        I like that she said yes too.

  5. Akaky

    He’s not leaving his wife; they seldom do. And even if she should land him, what makes her think he wouldn’t cheat on her as well? Because he promised to love, honor, and cherish? He promised his first wife he’d do that too and look how that turned out.

  6. Akaky

    Having said that, Neil, this really looks more like a dad telling his daughter that he loves her and he’ll see her Sunday evening when she and the fiancee comes over to the old family homestead in Larchmont for dinner with him and her mother.

    • Neil

      That’s the other version of the story!

  7. Ms. Moon

    A lovely little tale describing human nature.

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