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Fictional Characters of New York — #25


In her old life, Michelle used to walk past Cynthia, the mousy neighbor in apartment 3D, never uttering a word. Michelle had nothing in common with this shy librarian.

But six months after her accident, Michelle’s friends stopped calling, as did her boyfriend. She didn’t blame them; she knew the life of a high pressure career, having been a news director at CBS News. New York City is a race and there is no waiting for the fallen.

But when loneliness and deep depression became Michelle’s only visitors to her Manhattan apartment, it was Cynthia who brought books to read, food to share, and encouragement to heal.

Never had Michelle felt such warmth towards anyone as when Cynthia took her arm and said, “You will walk. You will work. You will find love again. Baby steps.”


  1. kenju

    Beautiful….hopeful……very nice!

  2. Shannon akaMonty

    This one moved even *me* a little. ♥ I think we all need a Cynthia sometimes – God knows I could use one right now.

  3. Kizz

    This is an especially lovely one.

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