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Jazz Age Lawn Party

Party like Gatsby at this annual celebration of the Roaring Twenties on Governors Island.














  1. Did you dress up? These are fabulous and I really can’t believe they’re all iPhone pics.

  2. I think what I’ve learned from these pictures is that there are very attractive people who like to dress up like they’re from the 1920’s. Girls and guys…but the guys are like cute like wowzer.

    • I think there were a lot of models and actors in the crowd.

      • Darnit Neil,you’re ruining my illusions. My illusions that there are very good looking people out in the world who are also a little bit dorky-you know besides that one model looking type in my writing group who’s also gaga for Doctor Who and kind of mystifies me. Anyway, looks don’t usually get my attention and now I feel a little shallow but but there’s a guy in one of your pics who is kind of flirting with your camera. And by your camera I mean me, the viewer.:)

  3. Okay that one guy is like wowzer,lol.

  4. Here’s what I’m wondering; where do these people live? Who has enough closet space to have full 1920s regalia on hand?

    • I did a little investigating, and I found out there is a whole subculture of people who are into the Jazz age dress up, similar to those who dress up like anime or star wars characters at Comicon. Maybe they miss the glamour of the period. I always had negative views of the era as a time of selfish people ignoring the upcoming economic collapse. Maybe in the future, people will dress up like Wall Street figures during the Reagan administration.

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