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Fictional Characters of New York — #8


Dear Mary,

How are you? How are things back in Kansas City? How is your mother? I’m writing you to tell you that I finally did it. I made my mark on the city and I got that penthouse apartment overlooking the city, just like I always dreamed about. My windows are so big and so high, it’s like God is my only neighbor. I know it’s been 35 years since I left town, and we haven’t kept in touch, but I’ve waited for you. I’ve never married or had any serious relationships. Have you waited for me too? I dream about you every night. Everything I’ve done in New York has been for you. Every deal. Every fight in the boardroom. Every climbing another inch to become the master of this metropolis has been a test to prove my worth to you. Will you marry me? Nothing has changed in 35 years. Has it changed for you?

Love, Milton


  1. Alison

    Neil, I just love these. Keep on!

  2. Absence Alternatives

    BOOK BOOK BOOK! Seriously, Neil, get it published and I will buy one! Kickstarter campaign? I will be a sponsor!u

  3. Jules

    I’m loving these. Very clever to take pictures of strangers or buildings and build a short story around them.

  4. Shannon akaMonty

    I actually just crossed my fingers and hoped that Mary said yes.

  5. Jules

    I’ve been thinking more about this – it resonated with me so it’s been on my mind. If only Milton would have realized that Mary probably didn’t care how successful he was; she just wanted him by her side. Now they’ve lost 35 years together and there’s probably too much distance between them. Sad.

    • Neil

      I’m honored to have the story resonate with you, Jules.

  6. Kizz

    This one was fun for me in a different way because I was there when you took the picture. To see the journey is very cool.

    • Neil

      The night shots came out terrible though. Limits of a cheap camera.

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