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Twitter Conversation with a Blimp


  1. Neil, you never fail to entertain me, never.

    Also FYI your instagram photographs are fabulous this month – clearly, NYC inspires you! (Got a lot of them in my August monthly round-up, going live tomorrow AM – working on it now; hard to pick my favorites, so many are great!)

  2. Haha Sweet…DTV Blimp is def a lot funnier than the Goodyear, and they like pizza…win win for NYC , nice one Neil !!

  3. I only caught part of that exchange. Hilarious. Now I’m craving pizza. Damn you, Neil.

  4. Whoa. Reading that was kind of like tripping on LSD.

  5. This will go on your social media resume.

  6. -1 for not making a Hindenburg joke.

    You could have said, “I heard that you lost AMC and Comedy Central in a fee dispute – Oh the humanity!”

    See how much better I make things?!

    (great read!)

  7. So sorry I don’t visit you more!

    I suck.

    But I love this. The uncanny thing is that you’ll say some smack about something–like Israel maybe?–then get all this flack. It IS like everyone is watching.

    I want to see the tweet from the State of Israel. I’m going to Twitter this weekend to see if I can’t generate a response from them.

  8. This is what Twitter was invented for! Brilliant.

  9. Meh… Not a big twitter fan. I don’t have interesting convo’s with blimps. I usually get spam me telling me that someone is saying “horrible things” or followed by a porn site (that I block). Regardless, happy that you had a cool “tweeting” experience. 🙂

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