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Jesus at the Beach

Summer at the beach.  Tanned bodies, flip-flops, kiddie rides, ice cream cones, pop songs on the radio.  Sure, there may be too much skin exposed, and people are reading dumb books rather than Dostoevsky, but there is way more sin going on in a typical night on HBO than at a California beach.  C’mon, Jesus, mellow out and relax.  Grab a Hawaiian ice and watch the girls.


  1. Hannah

    That last picture made me snort-laugh.

    But seriously… are those actual protestors actually protesting the beach / the act of going to the beach? I’m so confused.

  2. V-Grrrl @ Compost Studios

    I’m sure they feel very holy and self-righteous, parading down the beach with their signs. I laugh that there are Christians that believe parading with signs is living the gospel. You want to show Christ’s love at the beach? Give out free chilled water bottles! Small tubes of sunscreen! Chapsticks! I’m not joking. Meet people where they are. Start a conversation about THEM, not about the Bible, and see where it goes.

    • Fran

      Sing it, sister! You are right on. I’m quite perplexed by the passive aggressive evangelism.

  3. The Honourable Husband

    Picture two: if they were telling Citibank to get right with God, they may have a point.

  4. sarah.

    jesus hangs out at santa monica pier. seen him there a couple of times. true story.

  5. All Adither

    When I was at the Grand Canyon last month there was a flash mob dancing on one of the look out points. I thought it was pretty cool until I realized it was religious and trying to get us all to believe right there at one of the most spiritual places on Earth. I dunno. If I were to believe, staring out at the rocks and rivers would’ve done more for me than a small group of good dancers.

  6. magpie

    Lord of all shuttle buses, eh?

  7. Marie Nicole

    For some weird reason, the last pic “Jesus is lord of all” I keep reading over and over as “Jesus is lord of all short buses” now I know it says shuttle buses. I know it because I scrolled back up 3 times to make sure. Yet… I still believe Jesus is lord of short buses.

    p.s. were your ears buzzing? I talked about you at my cyber house rules.

  8. Golly

    Jesus freaks have the worst signs.

  9. MissingMolly

    Equal opportunity marketing. People stand out in the hot sun and spin signs for open houses and car dealerships, so why not Jesus? I’m just plum tuckered about advertising in general.

    (Is there really such a thing as too much skin?)

    • Neil

      True. All marketing on the street is annoying, whether inspired by Jesus or not

  10. alejna

    “Lord of All Shuttlebuses” cracks me up. Brilliant shot.

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