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Instagram Los Angeles: Day at the Beach


  1. The Social Frog

    These are really great shots! I especially love the look and feel of the last one.

  2. unmitigated me

    Loved the first shot. And the last one, too. And the volleyball net. The mural, the pier…this would have been simpler if I just said I loved them all, which is true.

  3. Pearl

    Neil, the first shot, the “mural” shot (I did a touble take at that one when I first scrolled down) and the last shot are simply…phenomenal! Waiting for your exhibit… at the Kramer Gallery of Photography

  4. Cathy in Missouri

    The phone…!

    {No ~ all.}


    Cathy in Missouri

  5. Pearl

    The light is so much different than here in Minneapolis. I can almost smell the salt air…


  6. sweetney

    These are AWESOME, Neil. So happy to see you doing this! MORE PLEASE.

  7. Angella

    I love your eye, Neil. And these.

  8. sarah.

    great pics!!

  9. Absence of alternatives

    Life is indeed a beach. I’m crying over these gorgeous scenes you’ve captured here…

  10. Jack@TheJackB

    I like your cameo.

  11. Salena of The Daily Rant

    I LOVE these shots!! The pay phone, the volleyball net, and the two pier shots. Fantastic!

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