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The Sixth Annual Blogger Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert!

Welcome to the The 2011 Blogger Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert! This is the sixth year of this concert, and each year it gets better.

How time flies.  Six years!  The first year of the concert, all the songs were in mp3 audio. Now 95% of the songs are on video.  Next year, maybe we can do it LIVE ON SKYPE!

Enjoy. Happy Holidays. And to good blogging in 2012!

The Dove
performed by Tamar of Mining Nuggets


Ding Dong Merrily on High
performed by Loralee of Loralee’s Looney Tunes with the American Festival Chorus


Jingle Bells
performed by Kevin of Always Home and Uncool


It’s Just Another New Year’s Eve
performed by Pearl of Pearlie’s of Wisdom


Winter Wonderland
performed by Jessica of Bern This


photo by Angella of Dutch Blitz


A British Christmas
composed by Noel of There’s Gotta Be a Song


God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
performed by Erin of A Parenting Production


Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree
performed by Elly of BugginWord


Jingle Bells
performed by Amy of Resourceful Mommy


Silent Night
performed by Katherine of Postpartum Progress


photo by Martin of Deutschland uber Elvis


Silent Night
performed by Christine of Pop Discourse and Boston Mamas


All He Wants for Christmas
performed by Diane of Momo Fali


Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree
performed by Carrie of A Sassy Redhead


I’ll Be Home For Christmas
performed by Trisha of Momdot


Baby, It’s Cold Outside
performed by Amy of The Bitchin’ Wives Club


Photo by Shana of Gorillabuns


Haere Mai Everything is Ka Pai (New Zealand folk song)
performed by Juli of Wellington Road


The Little Drummer Boy
performed by Kristin of Rage Against the Minivan and She Posts, with her family


A Baby Just Like You
performed by Cameron of Cameron D. Garriepy


Oh Hanukkah
performed by Danny Miller of Jew Eat Yet
with his son, Charlie


Christmas is Coming
performed by Dana of Feast After Famine
with family


photo by Suzanne of Twenty Four at Heart


Avitable Sings a Christmas Song
performed by Adam of Avitable



It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
performed by Becky of Not Fainthearted



A Christmas Carol
performed by Jason of ConnectedEd


Chanukah – Maoz Tsur
performed by Otir of Un jour a la fois


Happy Holidays from LOD and Friend
performed by Doug of Laid Off Dad


photo by Devra of Parentopia


Good King Wenceslas
performed by Bon of Crib Chronicles
and Daniel Lynds (@daniellynds)


Winter Wonderland
performed by Michelle of MidlifeMama
with the Lasell College Jazz Group


Christmas Carol 2011
performed by Tanis of Redneck Mommy
with her kids, Fric and Frac


Jingle Bells
performed by Matthew of Child’s Play x3
with his family



Of Father’s Love Begotten
performed by Carrien of She Laughs at the Days


Photo by Veronica of Compost Studios


Deck the Halls (iPhone App Style)
performed by Neil of Citizen of the Month


What Child is This
performed by Maria of Mommy Melee


Jingle Bells
performed by Erin of Swonderland


We Like to Celebrate Chrannukah
performed by Jenny Mae of Mommy Mae
and family


Baby, It’s Cold Inside
performed by Alejna of Collecting Tokens


Do You Hear What I Hear?
performed by Fran of FGHart


The Christmas Song
performed by Leah of A Girl and a Boy
with Simon




  1. Carrie

    Oh. My. God.

    Freaking fabulous! Everyone is just fabulous!

    And my goodness…Deck the Halls?? The BEST ever!

    What fun!! Thanks for doing this and letting me participate…what great, great fun!

  2. Pearl

    Bravo, Neil, for a job well done. You have a talented bunch of readers and friends.

    Thanks for coordinating and putting this concert together. Glad I was finally able to be a part of it.

    Happy Auld Lang Syne, everyone!

  3. gorillabuns


  4. Avitable


  5. whoorl

    Loved it!! My 1-year-old, who can’t sit still for longer than 2.7 seconds, just sat on my lap and watched several of these videos IN A ROW. Thank you, Neil, for giving me 6 minutes of peace. Maybe I should dust off my guitar and join in next year. (Sadly, the last time I played my guitar was probably for your concert 2 years ago.)

  6. @maggiedammit

    Yaaaaaay everybody! Thank you!

    Happy holidays!

  7. Not Fainthearted

    It’s a Wonderful Concert! Thanks again, Neil. Loved it everyone!!!

  8. Deb Rox

    SO fabulous! I love this, heart and soul, Neil. Cheers and happy Crannukah to all.

  9. Twenty Four At Heart

    I love this – every year! Thank you for putting it together Neil! xo

  10. Frelle

    I didn’t know about any previous concerts, and really enjoyed this one! Thank you for putting it together and for everyone who contributed!

  11. Danny

    Fantastic! Made me cry…again! How the hell do you know all these talented bloggers? And who are those dogs in your fabulous video?

  12. absence of alternatives

    BRAVO!!!! Nice job there Neil! The blogosphere is full of talented and beautiful people. (Yes, even Avitable looks mighty fine even though he likes to “claim” his unadorableness…) So glad I did not even bother to try. ^_^”

    Special shoutout to Doug at Laid Off Dad. Awesome song! And, could I ask Frog to make my voicemail greeting? (I’ve always wanted Carl Kasell’s voice on my answering machine but Frog’s voice is just as fine). He has this Barry White thing going for him.

    • LOD

      Thank you, A of A. I’m sure he’d be happy to, if all this newfound fame hasn’t gone to his fuzzy, green head.

  13. Kate Shrewsday

    What a wonderful idea – a virtual concert! Congratulations to everyone – wonderful performances all round, and thanks all for taking the trouble to put this together so the rest of us can sip sherry and munch mince pies as we watch.

    I came and bagged a front seat to watch Cameron, who not only writes compellingly but, it seems has the most golden fluid alto. Her lucky son Felix will have something special to remember this early Christmas by. Fab performance, Cameron…

  14. magpie

    this so totally made my day. and maybe my whole holiday season. thanks neil (loved your contribution).

  15. Kim

    AWESOME ! I made a video but couldn’t upload it on this stupid MiFi connection. Living on the water is great, but no high speed internet blows.

    Thanks everyone for the fun !

  16. Stimey

    *clap clap clap clap clap* Nicely done, all!!!!

  17. Angella

    I am SO GLAD you host this every year. So glad. Thanks, Neil. 🙂

  18. Cameron

    So much fun! And such good company to be in.

  19. Zak

    Is this the theme to ER?

    And Neil, you killed it!

    These are fabulous, Happy Holidays!

  20. Jody

    AWESOME! This concert always makes me happy! BRAVO!

  21. Suzy

    Well done, everyone. Merry Christmas Neil!!

  22. Amy from Resourceful Mommy

    Downright giddy that I got to be a part of this year’s concert. Thanks for the chance, Neil! Love this!!

  23. Michele of Midlifemama

    Oh YAY I didn’t miss the cutoff! This is so much fun. Everyone is so awesome and funny. Thanks for doing it. Happy Holidays to all.

  24. Bitchin' Amy

    Loved your video, Neil!! And everyone’s songs were fantastic– I love this so much and love how differently everyone approaches the task. 🙂

    Thanks for hosting!!!

  25. Dana

    So much fun!
    Light and love and joyous songs to you, Neil!

  26. Tamarika

    This is splendid! I only got to this late – so am going to spend time listening to everyone! You are amazing to organize such a wonderful blogging event.
    Thanks so much for including me.
    Happy Holidays to everyone!!!

  27. Tamarika

    PS – your Deck the Halls is fabulous!

  28. Momo Fali

    This is a highlight of my Christmas season and my favorite bloggy tradition! You knocked it out of the park, Neil. Well done!

  29. Cristie RitzKing

    Yay! Once again you do not disappoint. Thanks for putting this together to bring a little joy to an otherwise chaotic season!

  30. the muskrat

    Well done, y’all. Maybe I’ll play along one year.

  31. Alexandra

    Sitting here, blanket around my shoulders, hot tea in hand…This may just be one of the nicest nights I’ve had in a long, long time.

    Thank you.

    • Neil

      Nice to hear!

  32. Always Home and Uncool

    Honored to finally be a part of such a talented production and impressed you have so many ukulele players in your readership. Best of the season, Neil and all!

  33. Danny

    This concert is so great it actually made me go read everyone’s blog (which I think was part of your original intention). It also made me want to commit to mine more in 2012–thanks for propping up a supposedly dying art form, Neil! I love the mix in the concert between sincere, lovely voices raised in song and crazy originality, humor, and creativity. Bravo!

    • Otir

      Funny that you had this reaction, Danny, because, as I was strolling down ALL the comments, to keep on smiling and enjoying the delicious feeling got from the whole concert, I had the exact same idea: clicking on each blog, and from that, getting the urge to commit 2012 to a better blogging habit… well, bli neder of course!

      Everyone rocked the house once again! Thanks Neil for putting once again the best ever concert of the season and the entire blogosphere!

  34. Boston Mamas


  35. dusty earth mother

    LOVE THIS, Neil! Bravo! (and nice job on your hand-clappin’)

  36. sizzle

    Amazing singers/performances this year! WOW! Am totally blown away by the talent and heart of the blogging community.

    Thanks for putting this together again, Neil. I’m sorry I didn’t submit but next year, for sure. I loved your song- hilarious.

  37. Varda (SquashedMom)

    To everyone in this thing: WONDERFUL!

    To Neil: Thanks for orchestrating all this awesomeness. I’m so sorry that, good intentions aside, I have flaked on you once again this year. My life is kind of resembling a circle of hell right now. So sorry. Next year – I won’t say “for sure” because that will certainly jinx it, so let’s just say: I’ll try harder.

  38. Lorie Shewbridge

    Sent over here from Kevin’s blog and I am thoroughly thrilled that I did.
    Everyone did such a marvelous job.
    I had a huge smile on my face during the entire post… thanks so much for sharing.
    Merry/Happy Whatever to you all!! =)

  39. GirlsGoneChild

    I’m in love with this. SO SOSOSOSO awesome.

  40. Adventures In Babywearing

    Incredible talent! Thank you for another fabulous year!


  41. TwoBusy

    Great googly moogly, did I enjoy that.

    Always, always, always a high point of the holiday season. Thanks for putting this together again, Neil!

  42. Danielle Smith

    How spectacular! So stunned by the talent of my amazing friends… what a joy to sit and listen to each and every one. Neil, thank you for putting it together.

  43. sarah.

    happy holidays 🙂

  44. alejna

    This was amazing! It took me 3 days, but I finally had time to listen to each and every contribution. I was rewarded many times over. I loved your bit, Neil. You crack me up. And what a treat to get to hear Bon sing! And so many other talented folks. I dug all the ukeleles. I loved, loved, loved Mommy Mae’s Chrannukah song.

    What a show! I would totally buy the concert t-shirt.

    Thanks so much for putting this all together again, Neil. You rock. Even without the aid of an iPhone app.

  45. carrien (she laughs at the days)

    The kids and I are still working on watching all of these and loving them. Good job everyone. I love them all.

    psssst. Katherine, you should come out of the shower to sing more often.

  46. kkryno

    What a great idea! I plan to submitt one next year (better get started now!)

    Thank you one and all. You all made me smile!

  47. nora

    Pretty simple and sung as more of a solstice grace – with wine!

  48. Jane

    How fun is this? Loved Jessica Bern’s LA song, Bon’s jam session and of course…Charlie and Danny Miller. And who knew so many others, like Juli and Maria, could actually sing? I can’t hold a note. I still have others to watch, but this was wonderful. Thanks, Neil!

  49. Juli

    Neil, you have a gift for bringing everyone together. Bravo!

  50. dbs


  51. Secret Agent Mama

    I am so sad to have missed the submission this year; I just got super sidetracked.

    Loved them all! Happy days to everyone, everywhere!!!

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