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Favorite NYC Instagram Photos – Oct. 2011



  1. Twenty Four At Heart

    Love!! Let’s go shooting!
    When will you be back on the west coast?

  2. the muskrat

    These all came from an iphone? Damnation. I could use a $5000 camera and likely not do as well.

  3. All Adither

    Great street photography! Thanks for sharing.

  4. denise

    I love your Bill Cunningham shot with the first woman. For some odd reason this photo conveys that she is all dressed up with no where to go. So she took to the streets.

  5. Stacey

    I love your photos.

  6. Danny

    Your photos are amazing. I finally got an iPhone this week. I’ll never have your eye but can you tell me which app you used to create these gorgeous shots?

    • Neil

      It’s called Instagram, Danny. It is like a Twitter for photos. And you can share the photos on Facebook. There us a whole cottage industry revolving around iPhone photography.

  7. Magpie

    Excellent. So evocative.

  8. Stasha

    Love the last two.

  9. Sandi

    I love your pictures so much I’m almost tempted to sign up for instagram just so I can stalk your photo stream.

    • Neil

      I do enjoy it. And it keeps me off Twitter. Do you have an iPhone?

      • Sandi

        I do have an iPhone. I guess it’s time I stopped resisting and signed up. I have such a lousy eye for taking pictures, I need to practice more.

  10. annettek

    I seriously love your instagram photos. You have a real eye for noticing things most people walk by every day and don’t look twice at.

  11. alejna

    I really love these. You have such an eye for composition.

    I especially love the one with the “Jobs not welfare” protesters in the background, and the man rushing by talking on the phone in the foreground.

    Also the one with the big concrete tube with colorful chipped paint. What is that? It looks like a drainage tube, but the colorful paint makes me wonder if it’s part of a playground.

  12. Paige Jennifer

    First and last are my absolute favorites. They both deserved more than a quick glance. Divine.

  13. Lindsey

    These are amazing! Thanks for posting! Very inspiring pics.

  14. Peark

    Was it the Beatles who sang: “It’s gettin’ better all the time…” I will borrow from those lyrics to sing: “They’re gettin better all the time…” Phenomenal photos, Neil.

    • Pearl

      Oy, I’m tired if I can’t even type my own name correctly above.

  15. rhea

    Neil, I am looking for a new WordPress theme similar to yours. What is the name of yours?

  16. Roxanna (miguelina)

    That first photo is amazing, Neil.

  17. Ghada

    Gorgeous photos. Inspiring me to start taking photos with my iPhone again. Just curious, what iPhone are you using?

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