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I have so many goals that I want to push through (money! writing! hot babes!), but I lack the confidence to get what I want.

This weekend, I was fascinated watching this kid climb up this fake rock at a street fair. He has confidence.

Should I climb a mountain?

What gives you your confidence?

(I know this post seems like one of those self-help inspirational posts that I usually mock, so you should understand that it took a bit of confidence to publish this).


  1. Ann

    At first I thought you wrote “Hot babies” and I am still laughing to myself.

    • Neil

      Ann, you’ve been around kids too long.

  2. snozma

    I have no confidence. If I want to accomplish something, I just torture and berate myself with the thought I am a complete loser until I do it.

    I’ve accomplished a fair amount this way.

    I know a few successful people who this sort of works for but the most successful people just do amazing stuff because it is the stuff they most want to do. Plus, they do have confidence.

    I’ve never known anyone super successful at anything though who did not doubt they could do the thing they are trying to do. I don’t know business CEOs or people like that but I do know people who are at the top of their fields. I think self doubt is almost universal.

  3. denise

    I am lacking in confidence right now, therefore I shall not give any advice. I will frequently check back to see what other wisdom others are offering.

  4. teahouseblossom

    Neil, you should have so much confidence! Especially in your writing have truly been given a unique gift. Seriously!

  5. V-Grrrl @ Compost Studios

    My confidence falters, but I keep trying. I tend to be confident in some areas of my life, not so confident in others. I wish I more easily took risks. That said, I have rappelled down a real cliff on two separate occasions. I did it to prove something to myself and to impress the men in my life, ha ha ha.

  6. Dana

    I have confidence in my physical abilities because I feel capable and strong and thrill at adventure: I’ll swim in open-water races, learn how to ride a unicycle, run up mountains, jump from planes.
    But I’m conflicted in social and professional situations. For instance, I’m excited to travel to NYC this week for the BlogHer Writers conference. I’m brave enough to go by myself, sit alone, take notes, ask questions. But I assure you that because of my own self-doubt and lack of confidence I’ll have dinner by myself and be the loner in the corner.

  7. Westlander Poetry ~ deborah

    for me, confidence is just doing — pushing past the fear, the insecurity, the ennui — it is taking action and hoping for the best 🙂


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