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This Week’s Favorite NYC Photos – Week Five

Thanks for letting me share with you these NYC photos over the last two months.

Next Thursday, I’m flying out to Los Angeles to take care of a few things left unsettled.  In the beginning of August, I will attend BlogHer.   After that, I’m seriously debating finding a place in Los Angeles, thinking it would be the best step, career-wise.  But I’m still not sure yet.

And if that is the case, I’ll be missing the tall skyscrapers at sunset, the subway cars screeching around the gritty tracks of Queens, and the thin uptown women in the polka dot dresses crossing the wide city streets in their fashionable shoes.


  1. deezee

    Great pics, Neil. I hope you has as much fun re-discovering LA through your camera lens. If you need freakiness, Venice more than offers its share.

    • Neil

      Deezee – but can we get tickets now for shooting Instagram photos while driving?

      • deezee

        Well, since traffic is almost always at a standstill, there are plenty of opportunities to grab the perfect shot.

        • Jack

          Abbot-Kinney and the surrounding areas offer plenty of fun.

  2. Megan

    Ah, New York. I miss it every day.

    But I do love LA, too. Tough choice. 🙂

  3. unmitigated me

    You have made NYC look more beautiful than I would have thought possible.

  4. flutter

    you are really good at this

  5. Varda (SquashedMom)

    Neil, once again I must say: You HAVE the eye. Beautiful stuff, thanks for sharing your vision. And? A book, please. Maybe LA and NYC ?

  6. Jane Gassner

    Neil, I too will be in SoCal the first week in August, not to go to BlogHer but “to find a place in LA because moving there would be the best career-wise.” See ya there….

  7. septini

    lovely pictures, inspiring, hope someday will see NY with my eyes

  8. Shannon

    Makes me miss New York. Beautiful pics.

  9. teahouseblossom

    Love the photos. Yes, I love the way you depict NYC! Makes it feel so glamorous..

  10. Stesha

    Your instagram photos are really amazing! Do you edit them at all?

    Hugs and Mocha,

  11. Jody

    I think these photos should be published. I pretty sure someone would buy them even if you hawked them on the streets of NYC!

  12. Misty

    Whatever you decide, please just keep taking pictures.

  13. subWOW

    It’s either that iPhone is truly that magic or you have a knack. Yes, I am totally comparing you to Bill Cunningham. I think you are going to miss NYC. {{{hugs}}} in advance.

  14. Tom Gurney

    These photos really are impressive and offer an interesting alternative insight to New York for people like me who haven’t even been yet! …

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