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Poverty Tourist

I don’t need to travel to Bangladesh to be a poverty tourist.   I am a poverty tourist everyday.   I travel down the block to learn about the pain and suffering and love and joy of others, so I can report back to you.   And to myself.

You can be a poverty tourist too.   Just walk outside.

Here’s are a few tips to help you while you take your journey.

Some people are easy to read.   They write it out for you, even shout it out for you.   Their hopes and dreams literally jump off their skin.

Others hide and express themselves in signals of smoke.   Don’t be fooled.    It is the quiet ones who are the most profound.

Don’t be distracted by those trying to manipulate you with words and images.    The truth is not there.

No matter what anyone says, we ALL have a story to tell.

We all need to be connected, to have personal ties.

No one wants to be alone. Even in a crowd.


  1. Megan

    Love. Very deep.

    P.S. – Way to capitalize on a hot topic. You may have a future here. 😉

  2. kenju


  3. Allie

    This is wonderful! Such great photos!

  4. Ann

    Really beautiful Neil.

  5. Audra

    Got to the end and realized I was holding my breath. I LOVE this post. Perfection.

  6. teahouseblossom the personal ties!!

  7. Robin

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