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It’s Called a Prune

One of the changes in my life is to start to think big. For example, earlier this week was the Jewish holiday of Purim. While other Jews simply dressed as Queen Esther and ate prune hamentashen for the holiday, I decided to “step it up a notch” and dress as Queen Esther AND make a promotional video for the prune INDUSTRY!

Luckily, I erased that first video and made this one instead — an entry to go to the Mom 2.0 conference in New Orleans next month and be a representative of Sunsweet Growers, one of the sponsors. I wanted to give it a try, and do something new. You have to promise not to laugh.

I’ve seen some of the other entries — confident Moms serving Sunsweet D’Noir Prunes to their grateful families — so I am a long long shot in getting this gig. But like the Mets possibly winning the pennant this season, you gotta believe! I find out tomorrow.

Good luck to the other Queen Esthers vying for the spot!


  1. foolery

    Well, I’D vote for you, Neil. I watched it clear through to the end and laughed, which are my criteria for a winning video. Good luck!

  2. tiff

    ‘an error occurred. please try again later.’ 🙁

  3. Ellen B.

    Looks good. Next time try placing the camera a bit higher. It’s always good to look up to the camera lense, not down. Better angle for a more flattering view of your punim!

  4. Ellen B.

    Addendum: Have you learned NOTHING after reading Crazy Aunt Purl all of these years?

  5. V-Grrrl @ Compost Studios

    I am reaching full maturity the way nature intended. Guess that means I’m a prune too.

  6. Deer Baby

    If you get the gig you’ll be regular for life! My mum always made me eat them as a child for this reason. You know what us Brits also call plums don’t you? Think shrivelled when you’re out in the cold.

    Hope you get it – you can beat those Mommy bloggers into a cocked hat!

  7. Andrea

    This really made me smile. And now I have a hankering for some prunes.

  8. Slow Panic

    i kept my promise until you mentioned justin beiber. then it was all over.

  9. Roxanna

    That was pretty good, Neil. I hope to see you in NOLA.

  10. Elizabeth

    Nice job! If my vote counted you would totally get it for paying attention to details like actually “hanging up” the phone.

    I hope you get to go to NOLA, it sounds like a blast. And surely the least constipated of all the blog conferences.

  11. Faiqa

    “Promise not to laugh?” PLEASE… the phone bit was priceless!! Who wants to see moms serving prunes to their kids… they’d be crazy not to pick you.

  12. Irish Gumbo

    Beiber may have been too expensive, but with you? They get value for money! 🙂

    Besides, if he had been pitching prunes, I’d probably not be inclined to eat them. It more than likely would have been a skateboard video with exploding prunes or something.

  13. tara on the wander

    as a fellow prune-eating, video-making competitor, i wish you luck as well! it would be more fun if we could all go, no? best wishes… tara

    • Neil

      Good luck, Tara. May the best prune lover win!

  14. Danny

    Excellent! You have to win! Love everything about this video including the air quotes and the background music. But what’s with the name D’Noir? I haven’t had a prune in years and this video literally made me want to go out and buy some. WINNING!

  15. Juli

    After Five watched your video, he begged me to buy prunes. BEGGED. You are a successful prune salesman.

  16. subWOW

    What happened? Did you get it? No matter. It’s 4:43 am and I haven’t slept and I am wanting some prunes right now! That’s how good your salesmanship is!

  17. GrandeMocha

    I want hamentashen. They look yummy!

    You made me want to try these prunes. Quite the saleman.

  18. Ariel

    Gosh Neil, send some of that quirky, lovely self-deprecating streak over my way, will you? You made me smile… Prunes are not hugely common over here – they crop up at Xmas time and then the leftovers gather dust on the supermarket shelves for the next 11 months of the year. The American store sells Sunsweet, which are a real treat as very expensive. Have I just written an inane comment about prunes? Oh, I have. Oh dear. Neil, I need prunes for the brain it seems. Any suggestion?

  19. Jennifer (Savor)

    I entered as well but did not win.

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