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A medical degree is not essential.  Just a steady hand and nerves stronger than a mighty oak tree.  Mentally fit as as a steel plank.  But gentle as a whispering dandelion.

Hello, my name is Neil, and these are my ailments —

A butterfly in my stomach, water on the knees, a broken heart, a Charlie horse, and a very funny bone.

Will you be my Specialist?   Pick a card and heal me.   If you can avoid the shock of the electricity, I will kiss you forever.

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  1. furiousball

    kisses not necessary, but i can get rid of that brain freeze for ya

  2. Lynn

    I always failed at this game. Good thing I never wanted to be a surgeon…

  3. V-Grrrl @ Compost Studios

    I’m the wrong person to talk to about this. I’m a big proponent of euthanasia and plan to retire to Oregon.

  4. Chrisy

    I have three sons that are experts at Operation. The youngest one is the best kisser.

  5. Marinka

    I always transformed the Operation Game into Electric Chair.

  6. Stay At Home Babe

    Awwwwwwe, this totally melted my heart!!! I am married to the core, but this sweetness would have had me makin’ out with you in a second in my previously-single-life. Sweet/hot/intellectually-mushy. Rad stuff, mister. Rad stuff.

  7. Rene Foran

    aww…this was sweet
    I could never play that game as I had the yips.

  8. Memoirs of a Single Dad

    Mind if I steal this for my OkCupid profile? Ironically, an Operation commercial was just on as I was typing this! Kismet I tell you. Kismet.

  9. Juli

    I’d like to play Doctor with you. I’m willing to risk getting hurt.

  10. Matilda George

    Time to heal your broken heart already. Ever thinking of joining an online dating service? Life is too short Neil. It’s time to let go of your past and move on to finding someone else…. I’m rooting for you!!!!

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