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Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 2010


  1. Di

    Lovely captures, Neil 🙂

  2. Neil

    Di, I’ll write more about your visit with vgrrrl and her famil tomorrow. I love that photo you took of me on your blog. I almost look hunky.

    • Anna Banana

      It IS a great picture…

  3. kenju

    It’s almost as good as being there!

  4. Suebob

    Now that I have been to NYC, I can imagine the parade much more clearly (I have never seen it on TV). It seem like it would be fun.

  5. Anna Banana

    My favorite picture is of the older guy jutting out his chin…

  6. furiousball

    I say next year they turn that guy with the chin into a balloon too.

  7. Quadelle

    It looks completely full on and lots of fun!

  8. denise

    Love the coverage. My daughter wants to know, why the pictures of the random people? She’s asking for more characters. On the other hand I think you captured all the characters perfectly.

  9. Lily

    Great pics!

  10. Lily

    Seems to be a great time in New York!

  11. Misty

    Do any children run away screaming when they see a 100 ft Shrek?
    Because I’ve only seen it in movies it seems surreal. Very cool.

  12. Marinka

    I love these. Great juxtaposition. (I hope that means “photos”).

  13. teahouseblossom

    Nice photos!! Every year I oversleep and miss it!

  14. fizzgig

    wow those balloons look so much smaller on tv!!! awesome shots!

  15. Deer Baby

    Those photos Vgrrrl’s family took of the cartoon characters leching over the girls in bikinis – so, so funny. She’s my kind of grrrl.

    Love the one Di took of you too. You look….I don’t know. Yourself.

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