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I miss biting a woman’s arm. I love that. I love to taste the salty skin until she pushes me away and says, “Stop it. That hurts.” But she likes it, despite what she says. There is a time for strength and a time to be dominated. I am the most alive when I am biting her like an animal. She knows it, and takes pride in the mark on her arm, like I had branded her with the heat of my unstoppable passion.


  1. unmitigated me (m.a.w.)

    You gave hickeys as a teenager, I bet.

  2. headbang8

    Hurting someone as an act of love, or an act of play? Tell me how this is not abuse.

    I know that many choose pain as a way to remind themselves they are alive. Some choose to cut themselves, or starve themselves. Some willingly submit themselves to a master or dominatrix. I do not judge those who engage in these practices, but neither can I understand them.

    • Neil

      Whoa. It’s not suppose to be that intense!

      • TRO

        Well written and yes intense but not in a bad way. No way this is about abuse.

      • headbang8

        Sorry for going off the deep end with that one, Neil. You would never do such a thing if it wasn’t consensual, I know.

        Having grown up in an abusive home, this proved a bit of a trigger. I would be a less than honest blogging pal if I didn’t tell you I was a bit taken aback to read it.

        “She likes it, despite what she says” can be the top of a very slippery slope. Be careful. “No,” even about small things, still means no.

  3. Heather

    Welcome to my World. I’m the one bitten daily.

    Only my biter doesn’t care what I taste like. He has aggression issues.

    Oh, and he’s 4. 😉

  4. Deer Baby

    Do your teeth leave a mark? You could nibble your initials on next time. Or maybe get a personalised branding iron that they use for sheep?

  5. sarah

    I’ve spent so long trying to explain to a 4yo how it’s not okay to bite that I have forgotten how fun it can be. LOL

  6. Natalie

    I am a bit of a bitter too….it feels primal and raw and everything that sex SHOULD be like between two consenting adults.

  7. Bon

    Neil, biter. totally beats “Neil bites” as a brand. 🙂

  8. Amy @ Ess Eppis

    You’re a biter? Never would have thunk it. Learn something new every day.

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