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Ineffective Scholastic Books of My Youth

Lay-up, foul-shot, block that ball!
Read this book and learn it all.
Page by page and you’ll go far
Be a star like Kareen Abdul Jabbar!
Alas, it never did come true
Perhaps Scholastic I should sue.


  1. Jozet at Halushki

    Is that you on the cover?

  2. Neil

    Jozet — I wish! (except for the hair)

  3. Danny

    Yikes, that is a terrifying illustration! And I can’t believe the title–“How to STAR in Basketball?” Is that really the goal–do they even talk about teamwork?

  4. Deer Baby

    Bringing back memories of watching the Harlem Globetrotters cartoon on TV as a child.

    Do you ever shoot hoops now?

  5. Tuck

    B team, baby! Or worse….Newcomb!

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