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A Proof of the Existence of God

Many of you ask me about my religion, wondering if I truly adhere to the belief in an all powerful, all-knowing God.

Here’s what I think: None of us can truly know if God exists, but anyone who admires nature, must see that there is a Grand Organizer serving as the CEO of the Universe. Season come and go, babies are born; life is a perfect cycle, the ultimate musical symphony. Even the parts of life that make no rational sense at first do HAVE MEANING, once we devote ourselves to examining the mysteries. All you need to do is OPEN YOUR EYES.

Let’s take the idea behind aging. We get old and die. It is rather dumb idea. If you were going to create a MAN in your image, would you really go out of the way to make him start out as young and strong, and then, as then as he gets older and wiser, have his body and mind fall apart until he is just plain dead, lying in a hospital bed.

Makes no sense, right? This God should be fired, or at sued, like Toyota is being sued with their faulty accelerators on the Prius.

But hold on. Let’s approach it from another angle — a philosophical method — one operating under the assumption that God carefully and methodically plans life out with an organizer on his heavenly iPad.

This morning I took a walk outside. Summer is approaching in Los Angeles. The flowers are blooming. Women are walking around in tight t-shirts and shorts. I found myself attracted to several of these women. Some were young, some were older.

And what type of thoughts were flying through my head? Yes, the existence of God.

Here’s why —

When you are a man in your early twenties, you spend most of your time trying to get into the pants of a woman your age. All other women seem too old, unless you are a Mrs. Robinson type perv.

As you move into your latter twenties, you notice that your female friends are ALSO in their late twenties. It shocks you to realize that they are actually SEXIER now than women in their early twenties. What happened? They have more confidence, more life experience. Of course, you wouldn’t refuse to hop in the sack with a twenty-two year old, but your age range has expanded, creating more opportunities.

I know every man remembers the moment he turned thirty and opened his eyes, and said, “Holy shit, women in their thirties are f**king hot!” Ten years ago, these would seem like old women. Now they are in their prime. These women have lose their shyness, and it is not uncommon to hear a thirty-five year old woman telling a man on a first date, “How about after dinner we go back to my place, watch the last episode of Lost, and I’ll give you a blowjob you will never forget.” No woman in her twenties would ever say that. Of course, as a man, you are still attracted to women in their twenties. But now, in most cases, you are attracted to women in their twenties AND THIRTIES.

You see where this is going. This natural selection continues as the man ages, so by the time a man is in his eighties, he is interested in fucking every woman from 21-89. Without God lower his libido, can you imagine how difficult it would be for a 90 year old man to go outside without tripping over his erection and breaking his hip?

Luckily, God is merciful. Even with the lessening of the libido, there is a point in a man’s life when he is attracted to women his own age, his daughter’s age, his granddaughter’s age, AND HIS great-granddaughter’s age. The pain is just too much for anyone, and God, in his wisdom, allows him to die.

God exists.


  1. kenju

    You finally happened on the secret, Neil.

  2. Jack

    “How about after dinner we go back to my place, watch the last episode of Lost, and I’ll give you a blowjob you will never forget.” No woman in her twenties would ever say that.

    Nope, back then it was let’s go watch Twin Peaks. 😉 On a sidenote, I never did like that show much.

  3. V-Grrrl @ Compost Studios

    Willie Nelson is 77. He made a comment in an interview about how he couldn’t believe he’d outlived his d*ck. I don’t think he believes in your God.

  4. Kajahie

    This explains a lot about men. Thank you.

  5. Finn

    More sexier? I’m ashamed of you.

    • Neil

      Fixed it.

  6. Lojo

    I’m living the female version of your theory. Older and older men are attractive and today I was eyeing a man (boy, really) young enough to be my son and it didn’t creep me out. I like getting older with the expanding visual options. AND no pickled penis to trip over, just saggy boobs!

  7. Juli Ryan

    It’s comforting to believe that some men always might find me attractive. But I think we all try to delude ourselves.

    If we can believe in God, or love, or your penis, we have a coping mechanism that helps us escape the horrible reality of life.

  8. Slow Panic

    you are a genuis. and a total guy, no doubt about it.

  9. teahouseblossom

    Buwhahahahahaha. Absolute brilliance.

  10. Headless Mom

    Oh my Neil. This is the funniest thing I’ve read in a while.

    I believe that is also the reason that we lose eyesight as we age. Heh.

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