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Fifth Year Blogiversary of Citizen of the Month

Today is my birthday. It is also the fifth anniversary of my blog, as I started Citizen of the Month on March 7, 2005.

While I enjoy my writing here, my greatest achievement with this blog is — getting to know you. I am proud of the weird assortment of people that have found their way here — essayists and photographers, geeks and knitters, religious Jews and Christian daddybloggers, somber artists and humorists, college professors and the unemployed, health fanatics and the heavily medicated, serious businesswomen and women who color their pubic hair blue, the popular and the not popular.

My lack of a niche IS my niche.

My writing was a bit off this year. I’ve had better years. But then again, you didn’t pay me much.

I am hoping for great things during my sixth of blogging… and in my new year of life. Things have been a little dark lately, and I would like to see more sunshine. In fact, I just found this amazing video that is opening my mind to new and exciting ways to further my blog success. I hope you enjoy it as well —

Thanks! xoxo


  1. Tex In The City

    Happy Birthday Neil,

    I wish you and your penis health, wealth and all of the yummy goodness your great big heart desires!

  2. Jane

    Happy birthday, Neilochka. I know there’s great things in your future, so I don’t worry much….I only lovingly nag on occasion for inspiration. 🙂

  3. Juli Ryan

    I learned a lot from your blog last year. Wishing you all kinds of success and a happy birthday.

  4. Tara R.

    Happy Birthday and congrats on your 5th blogoversary.

    I hope 2010 is your best year yet.

  5. TwoBusy

    Happy birthday, Neil! Hope this year kicks the collective asses of all previous years, both blog-wise and lifewise.

  6. tamarika

    Happy days ahead! Hm … I wonder. Am I part of your weird assortment?
    May the dark lift and light of your choosing filter in.
    Happy Birthday!

  7. Fairly Odd Mother

    Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary Neil! May your blog, and you, continue on for many, many more years.

  8. V-Grrrl @ Compost Studios

    Happy Birthday and Happy Blogiversary from the residents of Chez V!

  9. Lauren

    5 years. You were one of the first blogs I followed when I was a younger, childless and inebriated blogger. Ah how things have changed since then. Happy Birthday Neil! Let the sun shine. Bisous xx L

  10. Otir

    Happy Birthday Neil! I didn’t remember your blog had started the year before I had started mine, but I do remember fondly when I participated in the surprise avalanche of letters for your birthday, and can’t tell anymore what year that was, maybe three years ago?

    I wish you to find your way through both your writing and your life. I’d like to tell you that I relate to a lot which is certainly the best indication that your writing reaches its goal, but it doesn’t do any good to yourself. I only hope that having the loving support of your readers can ease your pain and fuel you with motivation.

    Happy Birthday! and many more.

  11. Sophia

    Neil! Congratulations on your fine accomplishment. Success and humor are the best combination. You manage to hold both so effortlessly. “Thank You” for your hard work. Oh, Happy Birthday for the third time…or was it the fifth?! 😉

  12. Sophia

    Neil! Congratulations on your fine accomplishment. Success and humor are the best combination. You manage to hold both so effortlessly. “Thank You” for your hard work. Oh, Happy Birthday for the third time…or was it the fifth?! 😉

  13. surcey

    Ya’ll should totally invite that guy in the video to blogher.

    And happy anniversary/birthday.

  14. Caryn

    Hi Neil! For some reason I thought your blog has been around for much longer, probably because it seems like such an integral part of life. Happy birthday and blogiversary and may the coming year be the best yet.

  15. Diana

    Happy Birthday, Neil! They didn’t pay me much this year either, the bastards. 😉

  16. Chris

    Happy Birthday, Neil! I hope you have a nice day and feel celebrated. Congratulations on the Blogiversary. I love your “lack of niche” niche. More people than not can relate to it. Thank you!

  17. Danny

    “My lack of a niche IS my niche.” Brilliant! Have a wonderful, wonderful birthday, Neil. If they gave an award for the most beloved blogger, you’d win it hands down.

  18. gray matter matters

    Hey Neil, Happy Birthday–I’m a newer reader, but you are one of the few blogs that doesn’t feel like it’s been filtered through whatever writing mechanism most others (mine included) are–meaning your writing is very open, honest, funny and sometimes raw. It’s no wonder you’re a blogger’s blogger. xo B.

  19. Aunt Becky

    Happy Birthday, Neil. I’ll buy you a waffle if we manage to be in the same city at the same time, okay?

  20. magpie

    Happy birthday! And, I have some blue hair dye, but I am most decidedly not the person you were referring to…

  21. Lotus / Sarcastic Mom

    Happy Birthday, Neil!

  22. Jack

    Happy Birthday and Blogoversary Neil. I remember when it all started, how you stuck your hard in that blogging cake and… 😉

    I have stuck around five years keep it up and I’ll be around for some more.

  23. 180|360

    I’m so glad I watched that whole video! The end is classic. I really hope you follow through, because we definitely don’t want to see you fatter, losing your hair and even more in debt in 2011! ;o)

    You know I love you and wish nothing but the best for you in this coming year. Happy Birthday, my friend. xoxo

  24. Elizabeth (@claritychaos)

    popping out from my reader to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEIL!!! And 5 years of blogging? congrats and cheers to another year.

  25. Twenty Four At Heart

    Happy birthday and happy blogiversary! XO

  26. The Breeders' Digest

    I don’t comment often but I read every day. I hope you have an excellent birthday

  27. Maggie, dammit

    “My lack of a niche IS my niche.”. FINALLY. This is what I have been telling you forever. And it’s just the way I like it.

    Happy, happy, happy birthday, Neil. So glad to know you.

  28. Julianna

    Happy BDay! I’m proud to say I’m not the Blue Pube Person. Where I do fit in that spectrum, who knows.
    Mazel Tov!

  29. Megan

    5 years of writing is no small feat. Happy Blogiversary.

  30. mamie

    I am so glad that I found you in this, your fifth year. Your writing has made me laugh and think and squirm uncomfortably and sometimes cry….I am wishing you the most lovely of birthdays and hoping for a lift in the darkness, new opportunities and words and connections and a whole lotta’ love. you are pretty damn awesome, neil.

    happy birthday. 🙂 amiee

  31. giftsofthejourney

    That is some fan club you’ve got there Neil … can I join too? Seriously, I hope that someone, somewhere, makes this day special for you. Happy Birthday and Blogiversary!

  32. Corina

    Happy Birthday and anniversary! Looking towards reading you more this year!!!

  33. ingrid

    Happy Blogiversary!!

  34. Rougeneck

    Happy Birthday, congrats on your blogiversary, and here’s to lighter days in your future!

  35. caron

    Happy Birthday!

  36. Colleen Wainwright

    Only five years? Feh! Talk to me when your blog is five years and FOUR MONTHS old! Not to mention when you yourself have reached the esteemed age of 48-and-a-half!

    Ah, well. It is good to have young friends. Keeps me young! Happy blog-i-versary, Neilochka. Long may you reign, and never, ever rein it in!

  37. Rhea

    Hey, Neil, have a great day and great blog year!

  38. Diana

    Happy belated birthday both to you and your blog. I would write more, but clearly I have to sign up for the program that video was hawking before I become so stressed that I gain/lose weight and begin to lose my hair.

  39. schmutzie

    Happy blogiversay/birthday!

  40. Miss Grace

    I know I’m a day late but happy birthday to you and your blog. I like you. And it. Carry on.

  41. anymommy

    Happy birthday, Neil. Hope you had a great day. Five years in the blogosphere is cause for celebration – you’re like a founding member!

  42. Deb on the Rocks

    Happy (belated) Birthday, Neil! Wishing you much more sunshine, brighter days ahead.

  43. mernitman

    Belated happy Neil-day, sir! Congrats for sticking it out (as the old lady said to the sailor) for a BIG 5 YEARS. I know how hard it can be (as the old lady said…), and etc.

  44. leah

    your use of xoxo is progress, yes?

  45. Redneck Mommy

    These women who talk about dying intimate hair blue have no shame. Internet hussies they are.

    Happy bloggie birthday a few days late Neil. Keep on keeping on because yours is a voice the world should hear.

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