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Need to Sleep

Writing on the iPhone is so personal. I am in bed. I am thinking about you, but I don’t know you. I hold you in my hands as I type. My thumb slides over and around your tender keys, hoping to create letters and words that please you, that connect us across the wide rivers and snowy mountains that separate us. I want you to feel that we met for a purpose. Once, I came to this exact location to be a storyteller, a humorist. Those days are long gone. I am now aimless, but learning how to approach the difficult journey. But that’s tomorrow. Always procrastinating. Tonight I need to sleep. I need to close my eyes. Maybe I will dream about you, dear friend. I imagine your lips taste sweet.


  1. furiousball

    you can blog on the can with an iPhone too… i mean, I’ve heard that. ahem.

  2. V-Grrrl @ Compost Studios


    remind me never to borrow your phone.


    i think your iphone is falling in love with you.

  3. Twenty Four At Heart

    ** Sigh **
    I think I just fell in love ….

  4. p-huong

    I love curling up late at night and reading posts off my Blackberry. However, the internet browser sucks so I can never comment or post an entry without getting a headache.

  5. 180|360

    This was hot.

  6. always home and uncool

    It’s because I just licked the bowl after making butterscotch oatmeal cookies.

  7. Juli Ryan

    I am so clumsy on my iTouch. “Like a virgin / Touched for the very first time.”

  8. Danny

    Nah, my lips taste salty. I’m eating a lox and cream cheese sandwich on an onion bagel.

    P.S. I thought Apple was eliminating all of the sex applications for the iPhone. They’re going to find you…

  9. Dana

    Are you being paid to blog from your iPhone?

  10. Dana

    And hi.

  11. C...

    Hmmmm I don’t blog from my iPhone. It hampers my ability to type at a voracious rate.

  12. Mocha

    I wish I’d read this on my iPhone while I was pooping so that we could share the love, Neil.

    There’s always tomorrow’s post.

  13. Finn

    These are so great. I don’t think I’ll be able to match them.

    Right now my lips taste like apples and cinnamon.

  14. Loukia

    Um. Jesus.

  15. lildb

    i’m finally envious of the iphone.

    after all this time, you’ve done me in, Neil.


  16. teahouseblossom

    Are you fantasizing about your iPhone?

    I understand, since I just got one yesterday, and I’m already obsessed with it.

  17. Pumpkin

    Heck, I still don’t have an IPod!!! 😉

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