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Pile of Laundry

How much can you tell about a person’s state of mind by seeing a pile of laundry?


  1. Haley-O (Cheaty)

    Hmmm…, do I spy LEOPARD PRINT??? 😉

  2. Megan

    I feel validated by your pile of laundry. It looks identical to the one in front of my washing machine. I’m waiting for it to crawl into the machine on its own.

  3. Titanium

    Mine has an ice axe in it. I shit you not. Just tripped over it yesterday.

  4. furiousball

    friend in college had a similar daunting pile of laundry. he piled it all in the middle of his dorm room and then said “a la peanut butter sandwiches” and then folded it up and put it away.

    true story.

  5. followthatdog

    I have a pile of laundry in the master bedroom we refer to as Mt. Washed. Very occasionally I get my act together and spend an entire day folding and sorting and putting away. Usually we just have to dive into the pile to get dressed each morning. Mental health is overrated.

  6. Jessica Gottlieb

    oh dear.

  7. Juli Ryan

    Our laundry room has looked like this for years.

  8. uncouthheathen

    Dirty or clean?

    Truth be told, I love doing laundry because it always smells so good. I do not like putting it away, though, which is why we have a pile like this at the foot of the bed until we work our way through it and it’s all dirty again.

  9. Loukia

    OH MY God. I think I just had a heart attack!

  10. Jenny

    That is HILARIOUS!!! (Of course, I can laugh because I’m not the one who has to actually *do* that laundry.) 🙂 good luck with that…

  11. Heather

    We refer to laundry as Mount Never-rest. It’s still going to be there tomorrow, so the hell with it.

  12. wench

    I told you darlink, natural fibers only 😉

  13. sizzle

    Please tell me that is more than one person’s laundry.

  14. Quadelle

    This looks all-too familiar. When, at last, I manage to make it disappear nicely put away where it belongs I have two minutes of perfection to enjoy before the next laundry pile starts to accumulate.

  15. this new place

    yeah, totally, it says something, “is the laundry clean or dirty?” or “did you fold it right out of the drier or let it stay balled up so it is wrinkled when you get it out three days later?” I have no idea how, but am certain there are traits consistent with the laundry

  16. Long Story Longer

    I’m scared.

  17. headbang8

    No big deal. I’ve seen worse.

  18. Robin

    The growing mound of laundry in my room has become a chaotic symbol of procrastination. Despite its overwhelming presence, the task looms undone. Each item holds a story, a memory tangled in the fabric, waiting to be unearthed amidst the folds and wrinkles. best laundromat near me

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