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Before she left for Florida, I asked my mother if she wanted me to set her up a Flickr account. She said she doesn’t really like seeing photos on the computer. She prefers the snapshot that you can hold in your hand. When you can touch the photo, place it in your wallet, hang in on the wall, or prop it up on your nightstand, you are more likely to keep alive the memory.

Photos in my father-in-law’s bedroom —


  1. Loukia

    I don’t know for sure, but if that is your wife in the 3rd and 4th pictures? She is SO beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nat

    You know, I don’t consider photos “real” until I have them printed. Odd no?

  3. Finn

    These are great pictures. Look how gorgeous Sophia is with dark hair!

  4. Wandering Through Wonderland

    I totally get it. Amazing photos…

  5. AnnieH(the other Annie)

    Hard copy of a well loved life.

  6. sizzle

    The pic of you and Sophia at the bench? So sweet.

  7. Julianna

    I love the first picture. Those are two people who clearly love each other and know how to have fun. God willing and the tide don’t rise, hubby and I will live to see that stage of life together.

  8. tracey

    I understand her feelings. But I have SO MANY pics on the damn computer that I can’t afford to develop them all. And to develop only a few feels like favortism…

  9. teahouseblossom

    Very sweet. I can see the resemblance between Sophia and her mom.

  10. Annie

    I tend to agree with your mom.
    Neil, I am so sorry you are having such a hard time right now, with everything.
    Sending big hugs.

  11. 3boys1mommy

    How can you complain about visiting a man that keeps you on his nightstand? 😉

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