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In the Year 2010, 2010

In the year 2010, 2010
If I’m still alive
If my blog can survive
I may find…

In the year 2010, 2010
I’ll be unfollowed by blogger Gwen
Because I’m “just like ALL THE OTHER men”
And she KNEW it from way back when

In the year 2010, 2010
I’ll be insulted by blogger Glenn
For shirking duties now and then
And writing a post in the hospital, unlike caring men

In the year 2010, 2010
I’ll be accused by blogger Jen
For being “totally” a big fat hen
For “daring” to write the word divorce in pen

In the year 2010, 2010
I’ll get a IM from my friend Ming-Jen
She hates that I joke like a comedian
Unlike her blog, which was mentioned by CNN!

In the year 2010, 2010
I’ll be un-Facebooked by Madeleine
Who thinks my blog is a seedy opium den
Wants it closed down by her councilmen.

In the year 2010, 2010
I’ll get an angry letter from my old pal Ken
Who used to steal from the five-and-ten
Now prays to Jesus with a big Amen.

In the year 2010, 2010
I’ll get a call from Florida, in Boca Raton
It’s my mother breaking from a game of mah jonng
Screaming to me, “What the hell is going on?!”


  1. better safe than sorry

    i was thinking the same thing as your mother the last few days but now that you’re back to song writing…
    be happy neil, it is a new year.

  2. Fran

    Amen! Thanks for keeping your sense of humor, Neil. I know this song so well I sang your post.

    (oh, and btw, too bad you deleted your Jim Croce post. I listened to that all the way through AND went on to listen to “Don’t Mess Around with Jim”.)

  3. furiousball

    haha, this was great. i’m so glad i have gotten around to reading blogs again. you are someone that i found via mutual friends (i think Liv?)

  4. Otir

    Everyone should really leave the blogosphere for a couple of hours and watch the great PBS program This Emotional Life. I point to the first episode of the series because it is also about the issues of romantic love and communication between men and women, but all episodes are really good.

  5. Heather

    I love it!

    Hilarious…your humor is always welcome.

    (And, just in case you forgot..this is YOUR space..we are just the voyeurs that get to watch it. You can do whatever you want…)

  6. V-Grrrl @ Compost Studios

    Out of the Troll’s Den, into the light. Go you!

  7. maggie, dammit

    *insert gigantic grinning emoticon here*

  8. Poppy Buxom

    Great minds think alike. My husband and I started singing “In the year twenty-ten, twenty-ten” in front of our kids, who of course, had been spared that particular ear worm.

    And now, you have given it to the entire internet. Genius!

    Happy New Year!

  9. Gwen

    Oh, I’d never unfollow you, Neil.

    What? I’m not the only Gwen on Twitter? Curiouser and curiouser.

  10. RD

    It looks like the year 2010 is already shaping up to be a banner one for you! Love it.

  11. Kelly

    I need stingier comments so I can make the next song . 🙂 good stuff.

  12. Loukia

    Funny! I guess Loukia didn’t really rhyme with anything, huh? 😉

  13. Frogdancer

    I haven’t heard that song for decades!!! Love it. Thanks.

  14. Titanium

    Nicely done- and good on ya for keeping that wry grin.

  15. The Breeders' Digest


  16. 3boys1mommy

    *tut tut tut- You definitely don’t deserve that flying car that is supposed to be released this year 😉

  17. tamarika

    I am so glad your mother had you, and is there for you – always – even from Florida.

    And, I simply adore you and your blog – always. You know that, right? After all, I once bid on you – and WON!

    Oh, and by the way – Great song …

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