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The Night Chicago Died

The Male Attendees of BlogHer ’09

For four years, every summer, I have been running a BlogHim on my blog, as a David’s slingshot’s response to the Goliath of the annual BlogHer Conference.

During this time, the men have grown stronger, as the female bloggers have been weakened due to their internal strife and own greed. Moms vs. non-Moms. Working Moms vs. SAHM. We deserve some credit as well. This year, the men, being the smarter gender, have easily manipulated the emotional women through a carefully crafted social media campaign, stirring up hatred and dividing the women.

Now is the time. Our time. BlogHim and BlogHer, face to face.

I booked my ticket to Chicago for July 23rd. I have been in contact with the other men attending the conference. We all agree — it is time to show the female bloggers how things are done.

Next month, Chicago will never be the same.

Who will I know there? Is there someone who is not going who wants me to send them a postcard from the Sheraton? I remember how much I hated when everyone was going to some conference, and everyone seemed to be partying and going topless except for ME! “Boo-hoo, I suck,” I would think. But you don’t have to worry about feeling like a loser. Just send me your address and I will even try to get some big shot blogger like the Pioneer Woman to autograph the postcard for you (if I can get her to talk to me)!


  1. Caitlin

    I’d love a postcard! Have fun, Neil.

  2. churchpunkmom

    you’re not really going to be topless.. are you?

  3. Only Aman

    Yeah man! You know I will be there with you!

  4. Amy Sue Nathan

    I live in Chicago. I went to BlogHer ’07.

    I hope to meet some bloggers that weekend but have not signed up to be an official badge-wearing, nose-pressed-against-the-laptop-oogling top-bloggers participant.

  5. Miss Grace

    You’ll know me! Or you’ll wanna meet me at least, right?

  6. ballerinatoes

    I can’t go and I’m really bummed. A post card and a shot of patron might make it all better.

  7. AnnieH(the other annie)

    Lock and load, baby…

  8. anymommy

    You are your own revolution. See you there.

  9. Karen MEG

    Well, you’ll know me… after all I bared all in an interview expt Feb ’08 (although I don’t know where it went on your roll…)

    No matter, we’ll get reacquainted in Chicago, right?

  10. melissa

    just like it’s done in homes all around the world…
    the mommys will still be showing the daddys how it’s done.

  11. kelly

    Silly boy. With all that estrogen floating around, your bloggy boys don’t stand a chance at an uprising. But, I do look forward to sitting back and watching with amusement as you vie for the bloggy crown.

  12. p.huong

    Men, you guys try too hard. The effort is cute though.

  13. Shelle-BlokThoughts


    If you wear chaps and dye your hair gray, and make sure your forearms kick A then you might get lucky and she might mistake you for 2.4 milliseconds and think you are Marlboro man… during those 2.4 milliseconds, can you TRY not to muff it up and get an autograph for mE??? I know you don’t even know me and this is only my second time on your blog commenting… but I HAVE had Pioneer Woman comment on my blog so that makes me somewhat famous… just saying…

    Man I wish I would have booked a ticket out there… seriously hating my life right now!!!

  14. Venus

    “as the female bloggers have been weakened due to their internal strife and own greed.”


    And awesome song and video. Love the movie too. Have fun at BlogHer/Him. It does seem a tad sexist for there to be a BlogHer without a BlogHim. You are just standing up for equality in the new millenium Neil. Good for you!

  15. Long Story Longer

    Wow, can I really get a postcard?

  16. Mike Ryan

    Please come back with PICS

  17. WeaselMomma

    I can’t wait to meet you in Chicago. You sound like a hoot! See ya around Twitter.

  18. gorillabuns

    please send me a postcard as i will not be attending. i will instead be in my bedroom watching the Food Network 24/7.

  19. dk

    brother – one of my favorite tunes and I am sure that you and the boyos will have an experience not soon forgotten 😉

    Wil you be doing lap dances for the girls?

    Love a postcard.

  20. Denise

    I’ll be waiting by the mailbox. Send me a postcard with your photo nestled in between a 1,000 women.

  21. Velma

    See you there!

  22. sassy

    Haha, very cute.

    This is where I say something really inappropriate like ‘Why not just send us all used toilet paper from the A-Listers?’


  23. Lauren

    Stop by the Map Room in Bucktown when you’re in Chicago for a manly drinking session

  24. Melisa

    I LOVE THAT SONG. Brings back memories of being at the home of another family we were close with; I was probably 9-ish (?) and the two girls in that house were teens. I loved listening to this album. 🙂

    I’ll be at BlogHer…without a laptop.

  25. Wendy

    I’ll just be sitting over here living vicariously through you. Have a great time!

  26. magpie

    I’ll hang out with you in Chicago 🙂

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