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Monday Night Therapy

(actual magazines from therapist’s waiting room!)

Last night, I went with Sophia to her therapist. It was the first time EVER that we sat in the same room with one therapist.

(this part deleted)

After the session, I thought I had “won.” Sophia laughed, saying it was a clear victory for her team.

(this part deleted)

Later, we realized that the big winner was the therapist. $$$$$$


  1. Chris

    Chris and I bonded strongly through one (of our many) experiences with a therapist. The therapist said I was aloof and Chris was too sensitive. We felt sorry for each other and never went back. Bitchy therapist. You and Sophie are right – together! Isn’t that bonding?

  2. V-Grrrl

    The truth? I’ve known many couples who went through therapy together and none of them stayed married. I say save money for the divorce.

  3. V-Grrrl

    P.S. On the plus side, they all knew exactly why they hated each other at the end.

  4. Neil

    On the negative side, I am going back to New York next week, and his next appointment isn’t for three weeks, because the therapist is going parachute jumping with his wife in Colorado. (!?)

  5. sarah g

    good for you in going at al

  6. Marinka

    I’ve always liked that therapist!

  7. Chris

    Oops. I meant SophiA, not Sophie. Just a typo, I knew her name.

    I find processing my problems with a good friend has been more helpful as I’ve gotten older than anything I’ve learned from a therapist. Like V-GRRRL, I’ve known many couples where therapy was the beginning of the end, and they spent thousands of dollars.

    I’m suspicious of people who parachute.

  8. Jack

    “Save money for the divorce.” That is funny.

  9. Annie

    Glad you at least gave it a go, no use giving up without doing all you can do.

  10. SciFi Dad

    Do people waiting for therapy actually read magazines?

    (this part deleted)

    And that’s what happened the one time I stepped into a therapist’s office.

  11. Mary @ Holy Mackerel

    Yeah, it’s always the therapist. I knew that’s what I should have been when I was in university, but no, I wanted to be a freakin’ journalist.

  12. churlita

    I’ve never been able to afford therapy, so I have no idea how helpful it is. I’ve found a couple of books in the library that have helped put my particular issues in perspective. Thank god the library is free.

  13. teahouseblossom

    What? You’re redacting the best parts? Inquiring minds want to know…

    Speaking of which, why doesn’t the therapist keep the National Enquirer in the waiting room?

  14. flutter

    therapy as competition! shit! I’ve been doing it all wrong!

  15. AnnieH(the other Annie)

    Perhaps this is a case of following what the therapist DOES and not what he says…go on a vacation with your wife. Have fun. Jump out of planes. Hubby and I tried counseling for a hot minute. Found ballroom dance to be better therapy. More fun and you get to buy shoes.

  16. maggie, dammit

    I learned about freelance writing while sitting in the therapist’s waiting room avoiding the normal stash of magazines. True story.

    (best thing I ever got out of therapy.)

  17. anymommy

    Sounds like you learned all there was to learn.

  18. C

    Yep…. I learned that at the mechanics. I get my car back but he keeps my savings account.

  19. Venus

    “therapist is going parachute jumping with his wife in Colorado”

    This is funny to me. Maybe the therapist is working on his own marriage.

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