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Anxiety Friday #2



  1. So in all you have two Twitter anxieties: that women will ridicule your #cock #fail and that your mother will be on Twitter with unrealistic expectations of reciprocation.

    Baby. I’ve already voted for your room, but I’m going to try to vote twice because you really need it, don’t you?

  2. I’m laughing and I’m worried about you all at the same time. Performance anxiety seems to be a recurring theme lately …?? The twitter hashtags on your cartoon are one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen ….!

  3. I totally voted for your RoYO. I can’t wait to sit in it. But know this: I will be picturing this cartoon, the whole time, now.

  4. Oh Neil. Sigh. What am I going to do with you? Never mind. Don’t answer that.

  5. I think that cartoon disturbs me, but I can’t say why. Maybe because cartoons should never be naked.

  6. The next best thing to stealing from other sites is blatently bragging about it. You go with your bad self, Neilochka:>)

  7. I’m with Finn. The cartoon disturbs me and I can’t determine the reason. I’ve actually enjoyed naked cartoons once or twice, so I don’t think it’s that for me… Not sure.

    Cool you’re walking in your purple-ish shirt for March of Dimes and Maddie, and if I think of any jokes for Gorillabuns, I’ll forward to you or her. You’re a good guy.

  8. Hilarity and cartoons. Your post has one of my favorite combinations.

  9. Neil. You always crack me up. I can’t remember if I voted for your room or not.. but I will totally go make sure that I have.

    and cartoons never naked?? someone doesn’t read many comic books..

  10. That comic is PERFECT. Ha ha. #FAIL. 🙂

    You’re right about Shana and her wicked sense of humor. I think that’s an awesome idea!

  11. Umm, Neil? You have really nice abs. Lickable, even.

  12. Yes, I’ve never seen a Japanime sex failure story cartoon..

  13. April of ought nine has been disastrous.

  14. Nice cartoon I hate it when that happens to me…

  15. This has happened to me :/ At least men have an unmistakable physical manifestation of Prozac affecting their sex life.

  16. Neil,

    That’s not the Prozac I know! Maybe you’re confusingthebottle with your mother’s blood pressure meds.

    Most SSRIs have no effect on your ability to gain an erection. You simply can’t climax. It takes hours.

    I asked a close friend who was both a nurse and a pharmacist about this. She confirmed the side effect profile, and remarked that my sex life must have improved, because most men climax too soon.

    I reminded her that my sex life involved other men. Repeated sex is fine; prolonged sex is just tedious.

    Are ya with me on that one, Neil?


    P.S. The next chapter of Neil’s after-shave quest should be up soon. If you’ll pardon the expression.

  17. Just catchin’ up and glad to see your humour is intact, even if the penis is struggling.

    I read the post-Florida entry and hope that you & S can find a way out of limbo-land.

    Sending peace & love …
    keep smiling Neil!

    p.s. thanks for the link to Gorillabuns.

  18. i love that sexy losers website. darkly, disturbingly funny.

  19. Sorry all the sick moms are doing nothing for your Limp Bizkit. That blows.

  20. I think I have to scrub my brain and eyeballs to get rid of the mental pictures this post has created. LOL 😉

  21. doing pretty good here… only higher than normal stress thinking about moving out of the US.

  22. Just came here to say I failed my Neil interview thing. (Not that I ever think I won’t actually do it, but I so haven’t done it yet: It is ‘orrible.)

    Then I scanned this post and realized that I am sick-person-adjacent. So I’m down on 2 counts.

    For the record, loss is loss. I love humor, and I love to make people laugh. People can laugh in, and laugh at, loss; I really believe that. But loss is loss, and I’m always at a loss what to say.

  23. When I’ve lost my sense of humor, then I’ll be completely lost. Personally, I got all hot and bothered by the pics.

    See? I’m not too entirely gone just yet.

  24. I find that seriously funny. And lucky for me ive never had that problem.

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