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Strong Wind Blows Over Truck

After deleting my last three posts for various reasons, I needed a way to win my readership back.    While eating my eggs and toast at the Dominican Coffee Shop this morning, I saw this news item on the TV about a truck being blown over on the highway by the wind.   Perfect!  Why write about something that interests people, like the Oscars, when you can write a bad Dr. Seuss-type poem about a truck blowing over on the highway?!

Strong Wind Blows Over Truck

A man, a woman, or even a truck
They all have days that really suck

Cause heavy winds blow all the same
Without a care for height or name

The wind’s a bully, his toy the road
He loves to torment the weighty load

He loves the fiery and noisy crash
The glass a-shattering, the tire slash

The ticking and tocking of the bomb
The tension of the sudden calm

And then the clicking of the timer
The wind’s a movie by Jerry Bruckheimer

Poor, poor truck lying on his side
Middle of highway, nowhere to hide

Like a sleeping baby taking a rest
But maybe, just maybe, it’s for the best

Who drives so fast in the pouring rain?
Only the crazy and those in pain

Kingman, Barstow, San Bernadino
Take a break and drink some vino

Visit the waitress in Albuquerque
The one with the smile that’s slightly quirky

Stay the night, don’t walk the line
The wind will fade, the sun with shine

And then you’ll be back on the road
To tell the others of this ode.


  1. Windy Lynn Harris

    Oh yes, I needed this boost of mental goofiness this morning! Thanks for the laugh.

  2. Miss Grace

    This is nice, because I had actually stopped trying to click through to comment.

  3. mommyknows

    Thanks for the laugh.

  4. sarah g

    Why would you take it down? Your blog is for you, not for the readers. Honestly. Use it to share whatever you want to share. If it should be about the conference and the room you would like and the feelings you have on it; why not share it? Even if some of us skim it, there are some of us who scoff or skim when you discuss certain other things too. It doesnt mean we dont return. Stop spending so much time about what other people are thinking of you, and figure out what YOU think of you.
    and, I hope the driver was okay.

  5. Headless Mom

    End of the line, Cucamonga!

    Oh, wrong song…

  6. Memarie Lane

    Albuquerque and pours your coffee? I dunno…

    But if it helps at all I have no interest at all in the oscars.

  7. Memarie Lane

    Driving on through Topanga Canyon
    I found that I had grown a bunyon.
    Decided to go to Rancho Mirage
    To escape the constant pollution barrage,
    But got waylaid in Victorville
    Where being Way Laid is a negative thrill.

  8. Neil

    Very good, Memarie.

    Maybe albuquerque and QUIRKY?

  9. sassy

    That video is crazy. I loved it.

    Oh, and I have no idea what you deleted, but I’m sure it couldn’t have been as pertinant as a poem about a truck blowing over.

    (Sarcasm intended.)

  10. sarah g

    ha! memarie gave some good ‘lyrics’

  11. AnnieH

    That is crazy scary. Poor guy. Yet I laugh when I watch it. More. Than. Once.

  12. churchpunkmom

    I agree with Sarah. Your blog is for you, you can post whatever you like. 😉

    Makes me a little sad that I only had time to read one out of the three!

    Would you feel better if I made an ‘I <3 Neil’ shirt and wore it to BlogHer and came to your thingie?? Cause I can do that.

    Oh… and I loved the poem. 😉

  13. Kerry

    Liked it.

    I’m not an English major though, so you probably shouldn’t listen to me.

  14. Christine

    Still the most painfully honest blogger out there. I think. You are.

    nice poem

  15. lucy

    Talk is cheap when the story is good.

    Driveway moment. Old song on the radio, and I know every word. And I need to sing it.

    And Neil is on my blackberry with an entertaining post. This is a good way to end a long day.

  16. Laura

    NEIL! What the heck are you doing? Stop second guessing yourself! We’re here for a reason.

  17. gathering.dust

    this is just what i needed on my first day back in the happy land of blogs. entertaining!

  18. teahouseblossom

    Beautiful and poetic!

    You’re a poet,
    And all of your fans know it!

  19. vodkamom

    A flea and a fly in a flue
    Were caught, so what could they do?
    Said the fly, “Let us flee.”
    “Let us fly,” said the flea.
    So they flew through a flaw in the flue.

    Naw, I didn’t write it- but it sure sounded good.

  20. Musing

    Wow, your truck poem is a lot classier than the one I wrote a couple of years ago:

    I hate big trucks and I cannot lie
    You other drivers can’t deny
    That when a truck cuts you off
    taking every bit of space
    With a tailpipe in your face
    You get sprung…

    I’ll spare you the rest. 🙂

  21. Edgy Mama

    This made me much happier than the Oscars ever could!

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