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It’s Coming…

November 22, 2008

November 26, 2008

and, of course, on December 23, 2008…

…it’s time for…


  1. Amy K

    Oooo I love the idea of thanking your first commenter! Goodness, how I love this time of year. 😉

  2. Neil

    Hey, I thought you were supposed to be cynical and sarcastic? What is this shit?

  3. Neil

    Shut up, Neil.

  4. V-Grrrl

    I live for the annual holiday concert–and Erin’s red shoes. She’s so cute. Hi Erin!

  5. vodkamom

    Where’s the Festivus shit?

  6. TRO

    Oh, gawd, that time of year again. I never know what to buy.

  7. Ginger

    Wow! How does this work?

  8. Mrs. G.

    Who knew? Thanks for the heads up.

  9. Annie

    Thanks for the heads up. How do I get in on the Blogger, holiday arts and crafts sale?

  10. teahouseblossom

    Hooray! Looking forward to it!

  11. Neil

    Information will be coming…

  12. Nancy

    Like a fat kid waiting for the chocolate cake to cool *wink*

  13. laurie ruettimann

    It’s the most/wonderful time/of the year!

  14. Sammanthia

    I’m going to miss the cynicism. Sigh.

  15. Fancy

    I’m sick of the holidays already…

  16. Neil

    Fancy — No, these events will completely un-scrooge you.

  17. Christine

    That’s the awesomest. I’d already decided to get my Christmas presents from etsy/other bloggers as much as possible.

    And yes! Festivus for the rest of us!

  18. Momo Fali

    Thank you for reminding me. I need to order my pre-printed Christmahanukwanzaakah cards.

  19. Not Fainthearted

    Neil, I’m in for the concert. Been planning all year. (Now, if I could just remember what I planned.)

    Hey, you want to guest post while I’m on vacation?

  20. Christine

    Dude – you are going to be some busy doing all that organizing and promoting. Better rest up and stock up on the coffee.

  21. erin

    Oh yay! It’s red shoe time again. 😉 I should give you a new picture for this year…

  22. Kerri Anne

    I’m probably a little TOO excited for all of the upcoming Neil-inspired holiday festivities.

  23. AnnieH(the other Annie)

    Will there be drinking and dancing in the streets, or dancing and drinking in the streets?? That’s kind of a deal breaker for me:>)

  24. anymommy

    I love the buy all handmade idea for the holidays. Seems like a big online movement that I’m looking forward to this year.

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