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Election Night, 1960


  1. kenju

    I remember it well. I was 20 years old.

  2. teahouseblossom

    Really interesting. I love how they went all night – they talked about how it was sunrise on the East Coast already. I think recently we’ve gotten spoiled with the early calls, and we’ve forgotten that many of the old elections went all night while the votes were being counted!

    And is that David Brinkley? How young he was!

  3. SciFi Dad

    A very interesting trip down memory lane, that’s for sure. Thanks for sharing it Neil.

  4. Fancy

    I’ll have to check it when I get home, tonight. Can’t wait!

  5. Morris

    Did you see the first season of “Mad Men”? There’s a wonderful episode constructed around this election.

  6. AnnieH(the other Annie)

    Oh, Neilochka, thank you for this. It’s like watching old home videos with all the Uncles and Older Brothers. Heartbreaking to see Lyndon Johnson smiling and to remember his face after grief had etched its path by 1968.

  7. Ellen Bloom

    I was a teensy, tiny girl during the election, but I definitely remember it! I haven’t seen such fervor during an election since 1960. It only took 48 years to excite this country again!

  8. Danny

    Loved watching this–also watched Kennedy’s awkward but endearing acceptance speech the following morning. Let’s hope President Obama will be a worthy successor to that mantle. I believe he will be!

  9. Think Jacob

    I don’t think this will be anywhere near as close, although just as important…

  10. Annie

    I was only three years old, but I remember his brother Bobby very well. Thanks for this…

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