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How We Are Doing

Many of you have emailed lately asking, “How are you and Sophia doing being apart?”   I am so glad that you asked.   Although being apart is difficult, it also gives us the opportunity for change — so both of us jumped on the express train to personal transformation.

Sophia has decided to go “LA” blond.

I have decided to become a “NY” raving lunatic who drools all over himself in the subway.


  1. sizzle

    Your look needs a little work. 😉

  2. Lucy

    Funny, I’d imagined a gentler creature. Does Neil need to be introduced to the pleasures found within a good day spa?

  3. Marinka

    Hm. I’m not sure about the blonde.

  4. Whit

    She looks great.

    You look like you could use a shower.

  5. Non-Highlighted Heather

    I think you went a little heavy on the low lights.

  6. vodkamom

    Wait a minute, are you my cable guy???????

  7. Chag

    Dude! You look hawt!

  8. psychomom

    You look better and much more natural.

  9. blackbird

    Thanks for the heads up – I’ve been in town lately and will try to remember to say hi if I see you on the E.

  10. John

    I bet no homies fuck with you though.

    : )

  11. Assertagirl

    The blonde is lovely, though.

  12. All Adither

    You sound like a lovely couple.

  13. Bryna

    I hope you have had your shots. 🙂

  14. always home and uncool

    Man, I thought I was lazy about shaving when the wife’s away.

  15. gorillabuns

    I’m sure there are some excellent waxers in NY.

  16. lunytunz

    awesome that is how I feel next to my wife… grr I am shrek and she stayed as princess fiona instead of becoming as frightening as me.

  17. kenju

    You need a wax job, Neil!

  18. Mhypeen ‘hiza Hooj

    I need to do more research on this, but here is what I have so far.

  19. piglet

    progress, not perfection i always like to hear.

  20. Lara

    damn, you are looking FINE, mr. man. 😉

  21. the ex

    Sophia looks lovely!

  22. formerlyfun

    Neil, Next time you’re in LA, you’ll have to come in and get waxed. Natural look can be good but there is such a thing as too natural.

    manscaping and the manzilian

  23. jon deal

    Easy on the “product” there, my good man.

    Moderation in all things, Neil.

  24. David Hooche

    I tend to avoid posts like this, but I really like this one. Also, check this one it.. it’s somewhat related

  25. Diane Mandy

    This is like King Kong and Fay Wray all over again! I just hope the ending is happier.

  26. Michele

    Somehow, it’s totally working for me. I’ve always heard New Yorkers were more adventurous than the rest of us.

  27. AnnieH

    Honey, it’s just the humidity. This too shall pass.
    Sophia…blonde, brunette…gorgeous.

  28. leah

    Neil, your such an animal…

  29. Pamela Detlor

    LOL! You both look like individuals – which is important. I do get why she may have wanted a break – while her hair is fab – your’s could use some grooming attention. I could lend you my Gays if you like. They can clean you up and the chicks will be fighting over your primitive self!

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