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Postsecret Hair Thursday


  1. Backpacking Dad

    Oh my god. You were the kid version of Forrest Gump, and also the Soggy Bottom Boy who wasn’t George Clooney or John Turturo. How did you do that? Time machine? Accelerated aging?

  2. stepping over the junk

    cute neil! when u traveling here…just a few hours by car!

  3. Pants

    My mom let me have my first perm when I was five-years-old. “Annie” didn’t really hide anything for me…and I’m pretty sure the chemicals caused permanent brain damage.

  4. Angella

    I loved this.

  5. V-Grrrl

    When my beautiful baby girl was three months old, her lovely little ears seemed to suddenly pop out from her head and her big blue eyes seemed to open even wider. A bit too wide She looked perpetually surprised or alarmed. And the popped out ears made her look like a fruit bat.

    I used to take those satin baby headbands they sell for babies and pop them over her ears to hold them flat in portraits. But don’t tell anyone because I’m her mother and trivial things like angle of ear attachement are not supposed to influence maternal adoration in the least.

    P.S. She’s almost 11 now and no longer looks like a fruit bat.

  6. anymommy

    Aw, you’re so cute. My Dad had his ears pinned. I have no idea what that means, but it sounds horrid. I’m so glad that my kids didn’t inherit whatever gene calls for ear pinning!

  7. Neil

    AnyMommy — ear pinned? Is your father still around? If he is, you must ask him what the hell that means!

  8. kenju

    My ears aren’t big, but they stick out. That’s why I always wore my hair long enough to cover them, until about 10 years ago, when I said what the heck – they are what they are.

  9. Anonymous City Girl

    if I remember correctly, you grew into them nicely.

  10. Non-Highlighted Heather

    I love post secret.

  11. Dana

    You are adorable. Exquisitely made.

  12. piglet

    very cute, you know what they say about boys with big ears right?

    they can hear you better.

  13. Artful Kisser

    You know what they say about “big ears”? That you usually have big hands and feet too…and whatever Mrs Kramer said.

  14. sizzle

    And I always did too because some boy I liked in 5th grade told me I had big ears.

  15. better safe than sorry

    so were your ears so big a life jacket wouldn’t fit over them?

  16. Lady Jaye

    I think you were adorable! It’s terrible thing the things we see about ourselves that others pay little mind too.

  17. Neil

    Cruisin — thanks, I didn’t know “big ears” was such a common issue.

  18. Finn

    So basically you never did smile did you?

  19. Nance

    Big ears = non-issue. Thanks to Barack Obama, you’re now de rigeur.

  20. Neil

    Finn — back before I talked to girls, smiling was deemed uncool.

    Nance – You are right. I’m going to vote for Obama, not because he’s black, but because he has those big ears! Who would ever believe that the Democratic battle would have been between a bitchy woman and a black guy with big ears? Now, that is America!

  21. MammaLoves

    How flippin’ cute were you?!

  22. churlita

    I love people’s “flaws” most of all. That’s why I don’t like plastic surgery, it takes away the things that make people the most interesting.

  23. Atomic Bombshell

    You’re living proof that people can grow into their ears!

  24. ali


  25. natalie

    my dad used to say the reason he played basketball and not football in school was because the football helmet wouldn’t fit over his ears. that is what this picture made me think of. and i hadn’t thought of that old family joke in years!

  26. Zombie Mom

    Oh my – you were cute as a button!!! And judging from current pics you are utterly proportional these days… that said, how traumatic is anything that makes us feel ‘different’ when we are kids? Well, I guess it depends on your neurosis quotient- so in my family ‘high’. I had a giant head – there is nothing that can be grown to cover that defect. I just walked around with it.

  27. anymommy

    Um, yikes, after reading that article from Cruisin Mom, I learned a new word – otoplasty. Google ears pinned. Scary. Dad claims it’s legit, but he always defends his mom. I think he fears her spirit.

    I am very glad no one performed cruel procedures on your ears, Neil. You look perfect. And, I’m with Churlita, flaws are what make us who we are.

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