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We Built This City, Part 3

And the winner for the best description of the meaning behind Starship’s “We Built This City” is — the beautiful Memarie Lane — with this gem:

I think I’ve got it. They’re alluding to the founding of our country, the philosophies of which (freedom of religion and speech and all that)were considered very radical (i.e. rock and roll) at the time. But since then we keep rolling farther and farther back,through soft rock and disco and Motown and so on until “we just lost the beat.”  So basically they’re saying we need to vote for Ron Paul.

As I mentioned two posts ago, she wins nothing.  No Wii Fit.  Nothing other than my gratitude and me wondering what she looks like naked.

As you have probably guessed by now, this post is really about nothing.  I’m writing it very quickly, in between my morning shower and breakfast.  Since it is a toss-off post, it gives me a chance to show you the “real” Neilochka, who can be a bit of an asshole.  Most of the time, I try to be “literary” in my posts, making sure there is a intellectual point.  I usually write my posts out in longhand first in a notebook.  Today, I am just spitting out crap right onto WordPress.  And it feels pretty good.  Perhaps it was my therapy session yesterday that helped open me up to new possibilites.  Why do I need to worry about you — the reader — so much?  I’m not “dependent” on you.   What is the worst thing that can happen if you think my blog sucks?  You’ll stop reading it.  Will I die?  I doubt it.  There are plenty of you who once read this blog and have moved elsewhere.  Maybe you’re trying to move into the elite mommyblogger’s circle and have no time for the men.  Perhaps you were insulted by my post where I portrayed Archie and Jughead into violent superheroes.  You might be a new reader who wrote a comment, and then I never responded to you… and was disgusted at me.  I apologize.  I feel the same way as you when I comment and the person doesn’t respond.

“What’s wrong with her?” I wonder.  “Am I not good enough?  What a snob she is!  Blogging is so elitist!”

Well, we do things differently here.  If I don’t respond to you right away, don’t take it personally.  I love you.  It’s not YOU.  I’m the one who’s f**ked up!  That’s right.  That’s exactly what I was thinking while sitting in therapy with Brenda yesterday.  I’m f**ked up!  How long have I been writing about MOVING — yet I never move?  Why do I have such a weird on-again/off-again relationship with this “separated” wife?  The only honest answer is that I’m… f**ked-up.  Ta-dah.  There I said it.  Now I can work on the solution.

Let me make the announcement here.  If Sophia and I split up “officially,” I don’t want any of you sleeping with me for at least six months.  No matter how hard I try to get into your pants at BlogHer, just say NO.  I am NOT ready for it.  Don’t get suckered into it when I say that your eyes are like God’s soul, and shit like that.

Besides, I’ve been with one woman for eleven years.  The first time with someone else WILL be bad.  And over very fast.   And I will be crying.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

OK, back to blog comments —

So, if you write a witty comment on the blog, and it looks like I’m blowing you off, now you know the reason.  I’m f**ked up.   Just keep commenting, because it makes me feel good — and that is a public health service.  Besides, a lot of cool people who come here.   You should read their blogs.

Granted, there are funnier and more popular blogs where you will make more connections — such as Bossy — but I compensate by being advertising free.   And I don’t make you put those dumb badges on your blogs.

Also, since I am a bit emotional unstable, you never know what I’m going to do next.  So, I’m not boring.

For example — only a real nutcase would write three posts in a row about Starship’s “We Built This City.”  Most bloggers would be all worried about losing their readers and people hating him.

But  — I DON’T CARE.  I’m crazy like that!  I’ve been laughing for the last ten minutes because I’m now going to put up ANOTHER version of the song — the third in a row!  Ha ha ha ha.  You see, I’m not THAT nice!  I have a bit of a mean streak!  But I find it soooo funny, like the inner child I am.

And that’s what blogging is really about, isn’t it?!


  1. tiff

    Now post some pictures of cats, and you’ll have hundreds of us swooning.


  2. Joe Crawford

    It’s not you, it’s me.

  3. Memarie Lane

    Awww thanks Neil. I’m a disciple of Zen, so I can always use more nothing. I know just where to put it!

    BTW I made some dumb badges the other day and I thought of you.

  4. HeyJoe

    What a jackass. I’m outta here.

    (see you later?)

  5. sizzle

    People will You Tube ANYTHING!

    I’m emotionally unstable too. We should be BlogHer roomies. 😉

  6. Neil

    Holy crap — This song is about Los Angeles!

  7. Katie

    I dont really have anything to say either, but your post made me giggle…. so I felt like filling up your little comment box with my nothing…

    you know, share the wealth and all that nonsense….

  8. Noelle

    To be fair, this blog really wasn’t about “We Built This City.” Also, I’m thinking about myself naked right now, so you don’t have to.

  9. Noelle

    To be fair, this particular post wasn’t really wasn’t about “We Built This City.” Also, I’m thinking about myself naked right now, so you don’t have to.

  10. Neil

    Noelle, I’ll leave the second one up so it looks like I got one more comment.

    I installed the plug-in CommentLuv, that some of you have, but it doesn’t work very well with my template… so I might need to wait…

  11. Ginormous Boobs

    Who needs therapy when you have a blog?

  12. DanjerusKurves

    I get annoyed with myself for being disappointed if I leave somebody a comment and they don’t come over to MY website and leave ME a comment. Even if I turned my comments off for my last entry because I didn’t want to see a bunch of stupid remarks about my selfish ranting. That showed them. At least the entry before that had plenty of T&A, which makes up for everything.

  13. Penelope

    Heh interesting point about responding to comments. I have been thinking a lot about that lately. I don’t stop reading blogs if my comments get ignored, I simply stop commenting. A person can only be ignored so often before they get the hint ;o)

  14. Neil

    Penelope — And I think that is totally fair. There are so many avenues of communication now — comments, twitter, facebook, email, IM, Flickr, etc. If a personal blogger doesn’t engage me somewhere, then there is no connection going on. I know there are some great writers online to read, but none of them are as talented as Charles Dickens, and if they aren’t going to interact with me, then I can just read David Copperfield. I’m easy. You don’t have to always comment on my blog. A note on Flickr saying that I am “a total hottie” is worth ten blog comments. That’s one of the dangers of Twitter. I’m beginning to interact with people there, and then skipping their blogs. How much of one person do I need? I think that’s why — as bloggers — we can’t be totally sucked into the Blog 2.0 social media world — because that world is made for the marketers, extroverts, and loudmouths of the world, not the creative. A Shakespeare sonnet is sexy. A poke on Facebook is not.

    If you, or anyone, feels that I am ignoring them in their comments, or in their blogging — and it bothers you — don’t be shy. Email me. I will try to do the same with you. This is therapy talking! Honestly, I mostly just read the blogs of the same people who comment here. The only two blogs that I read regularly, but who I rarely interact with, are Smitten Kitchen and La Coquette — just because — I have no idea why I always read them — they just write about stuff I wouldn’t write about in a million years, cooking and fashion!

  15. mp

    I’m with Penelope to a certain extent..there are some Crystal at Boobs Injuries and Dr Pepper, Ree at The Pioneer Woman and Georia at I Am Bossy that have never responded to my comments or read my blog but I continue to read them because I find them entertaining. If I quit reading them I don’t think I would be missed. But if a person with an average of 5 comments or 10 comments doesn’t acknowledge that I exsist after I leave a comment, well that is just rude (IMO)

    OK..I can’t believe your write you post in long hand before you post it. LOL.. that’s silly!

    PS..that video didn’t creap me out like the boy swing choir..she’s actually cute, but you can SO tell she’s reading the lyrics.

  16. chris

    I’m positively guilted. Thanks for the comment, and I’m not an elitist, just a bit new to this whole blogging community, and I did not know there is etiquette. Silly me. I was surprised when you mentioned that Turkey had recently banned youtube. I’m going to have a conversation with my Turkish friends. What the hell?

  17. Backpacking Dad

    Dude, I wrote a post about Wil Wheaton, got 80% fewer comments than normal, lost my one Technorati fan, and felt miserable.

    And I also ended up with 5 more subscribers than before.

    It’s not quantity, it’s quality. And girth.

  18. Five Husbands

    Loving the Starship.

  19. Jane

    Damnit. If there was one person I would give up my love of pillowy breastesses for, it would be you. But only in the first six months of your break-up, because I’ve always wanted to be someone’s rebound chick, and I’m pretty sure there’d be none of that “but I love you, let’s get married and adopt a child from China” crap that I usually get on the 3rd or 4th date.

    Opportunities always pass me by.

  20. Karl

    So what you’re saying is I shouldn’t sleep with you when I get to California? I’m very disappointed. I thought we were getting married.

  21. Nichole/sa_scully

    Who cares you wrote about that stupid ass song three days in a row. That’s the beauty of a blog. It’s yours. You can write whatever the f**k you want. Your blog — your rules. Anyone who doesn’t like it can go pound sand.

    And the responding bit? Is there a rule about that? Eh. See above.

    Deep down, we’re *all* f**ked up in some way.

  22. Mattie

    First, waiting 6 months is NOT an option. The only reason you haven’t been ravaged up to this point is totally out of respect for Sophia. But, if she’s silly enough to let you go, all bets are off.

    Not only that, but I see my other hunka-hunka burning love man, Karl, wants in on the action as well.

    That will be just like killing two birds with one booty call.

    I can dream can’t I?

  23. Nat

    Neil, I know you’re saving yourself for me. No need to hide it. Right now I am having back spasm just thinking about it.

    I try to respond to all my comments — it’s just more interactive. I suppose I should posted them to my blog too but meh… not so much.

  24. Neil

    Nat — I just found some wordpress plug-in which makes it a lot easier to comment directly on someone else’s comment. Let me see if it works on this old template.

    Does anyone use this plugin?

  25. AnnieH

    Now just hold the damn horses here–you did mean it when you said my eyes were like God’s soul, didn’t you??

  26. AnnieH

    PS. I like to comment on your blog with or without a comment from you because, let’s face it, where else can I be this much of a smart-ass and not get called on it? Oh. Yeah, forgot…that would be at work.

  27. Finn

    Have you EVER responded to one of my comments? And no, sex will not make up for it.

  28. Dagny

    Eh. Who cares if you comment here? I come to read everyone else’s comments. If I really want to hear from you, then I just send you an email.

    And you might want to take Sizzle up on her offer for BlogHer because we’re going to be staying at a really cool hotel.

  29. Jody

    I like this version. I love this girl’s earrings. Would you please find out where she got them? Thanks!

  30. Jody

    Oh, and call me weird, but I always liked this song – could care less what it means – it has a good dance beat to it.

  31. Non-Highlighted Heather

    I’m with Dagny. You have witty commenters. I enjoy reading what they have to say as much I enjoy the blog.

    So, no sex for the first six months. What about head? According to Bill, that’s not sex.

  32. wendy

    I like your rambling approach her…but be honest..I bet you still edited a bit, knowing you.

    I have no room to talk or critique..since I have not written a thing in a month.

    6 months sound mighty arbitrary to me.

    If you want I will chaperone all your girl on boy interactions at BlogHer.. I went to a catholic school, remember…I know all the rules…and all the ways to bend them just a little.

  33. Theresa B.

    “A witty comment.” I will now prepare to be ignored. (Except on all those other social networks we belong to.) Life here is just sweeter somehow.

  34. Dagny

    Thank you NH Heather for such a great laugh in what has been a so-so day for me.

  35. Neil

    NH Heather will be joining me at BlogHer as my attorney for when I try to use that loophole in my six month promise.

  36. Winter

    There are people I read who may or may not read me. Not sure because they either don’t or rarely comment. I don’t really take it personally. I mean 300 blogs in your feedreader… I understand that one can’t possibly comment on them all. On the other hand, when someone has taken the time to go down the line of comments saying something to each person and misses me… I always think, “Yup, there’s another person for whom I am invisible. At least in terms of this post.” So it hurts my feeling for oh, 5 seconds maybe. Fortunately, for my too tender feelings my brain is hideously logical.

    I won’t mind if you don’t respond to my comment. I’m new here, and people forget me a lot anyway. I just like cool stuff to read. Besides, Fab and MaryO’s comment stream on my blog inflate my ego enough that I can withstand being ignored everywhere else. 😉

  37. Neil

    Jesus, Winter… after that comment, I’d be an ass if I didn’t write something!

  38. 180/360

    You’re a total hottie!

  39. Winter

    I like asses. It’s the first part of a man that I look at. Just like they always look at my tits. Tit for ass. Good trade off.

    I winked in that comment ya know. I post a lot of tongue in cheek bullshit. Comments fall into categories I think: flash, sass, crass, gas, brass, class, xxx, and zzz. I’m the z’s. Hee hee.

  40. V-Grrrl

    Who are these fragile babies slashing their wrists over comment responses and reciprocation?

    Do they have blog ACCOUNTING software to make sure they balance the comments budget?

    Get over it already. Or get therapy. Or get laid. Whatever.

  41. brettdl

    I will never be the same after that video.

    And I thought you never responded to my comments because I was a guy.

  42. nancypearlwannabe

    I kind of dig the steam of consciousness post. Only because your consciousness is so fu**ed up. So yeah, I’ll keep reading.

  43. Lady Jaye

    Second time I’ve read your blog and first time I’ve commented. I try to comment every blog I read everytime they post whether they comment me or not. I’ve never had a blog post where I’ve had more than probably 6 comments of course I’m not particularly witty either. Maybe I need to work on my sense of humor, who knows.

  44. Neil

    You people are nicer than me. I wouldn’t bother to read this blog if this “Neilochka” didn’t respond at least once to my comments or at least tried to flirt with me via email by asking for topless photos. Please email me and scold me. As a Jewish male, I respond to guilt.

  45. HeyJoe

    Neil, if you don’t start responding to my comments then I WILL start sending you topless photos of myself. I promise you will regret it, not to mention go blind.

  46. Annie

    Neil, you often don’t respond to my comments, but I am oh so happy when you do :-).

  47. Jeannette

    That girl in the video was totally scary. She kept looking down, at first I thought it was to read the lyrics, but then I realized she’s stealing glances of herself on her computer screen.

    Um, if you responded to my lame comment I wouldnt have the attention spam to come back and see that you responded. Also, if someone else wrote my exact comment verbatim Id never know, because Im not going to read 134 comments along with a long ass blog post about horny bloggers and rock and roll.

  48. Neil

    Jeannette – I think I found the solution — some plug-in that will add a response and email the blogger with the response. (and this is a real plugin this time)

  49. Jennifer

    I think it’s very telling you automatically assume your new readers are “shes”. Could be the result of your repressed Super Ego suffering from an intense Oedipal Complex because your mother didn’t buy you the spiderman action figure you needed to bolster your masculinity. Or you could just be f****d up!!

  50. RocketSauceJosh

    hahaha, wow. The girl lip synching to We Built This City just so happens to be my GIRLFRIEND 🙂

    I’m actually quite surprised to find this here lol. And I’m pretty sure she was just looking at herself on the monitor, she usually memorizes lyrics like it’s nothing. I’ll let her know that this is here (I’m assuming that posting the video wasn’t a form of ridicule right? lol).

  51. shari

    HAHHAA OH MY GOD THIS IS ME! i didnt think anyone would actually find these videos…. this was the first one i ever did. i was looking at the monitor, to see if i can catch myself being ridiculous…. or if my hair looked ok. probably a bit of column A and B i wont lie =P but josh is right i do memorise lyrics like its nothing. it is just so crazy to find this video on here…

  52. Neil

    Shari, I found this video amazing. You did it perfectly. I’m so glad you found it. You have talent… even if it is a slightly odd one!

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