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Middle East Peace Plan — Cool Songs!

How can there be hate in this world when there is music, hot babes in elevators, and cool unshaven singers walking the streets in music videos?

Sucaria — Sexy song by Israeli Pop Star Roni “Superstar” Duani

Algerian Rocker Rachid Taha singing “Rock the Casbah” in Arabic

(for Secret Agent Josephine)


  1. AnnieH

    I apologize for not speaking the language, but does “Rock the Casbah” translate to “I have a squirrel’s nest in my hair. I love squirrels?”
    Thank you for my Saturday morning lesson in diversity. I’m good to leave my house now 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better. AnnieH

  2. Jack

    Not that you ask but I like Aya Korem and Subliminal.

  3. Nat

    Longest elevator ride EVER! (Why is it I only end up in elevators with the wackos who smell??? eh??)

    Love the bit where he tugs at his wedding ring!

  4. DaveX

    Wait a sec… two CotM posts in one day? On a Saturday no less?

    Ignore the last comment thread, people. It’s getting too hot for Neilochka.

  5. Neil

    Nah, that post was from yesterday!

  6. DaveX

    Whoops. Forgot I’m still awake since then. Wait ’til I get some sleep– then we can really get going!

  7. modigli

    ha! Neil, these were fun. I liked the songs alot. Now, I’m going to check out your twitter link over there on the side bar, like you suggested.

    BTW, thanks for meeting for breakfast last weekend! It was great to see you again! 🙂

  8. Judy

    I am loving this peace plan!

  9. John

    I wonder if the baglama player gets as much ass as Slash?

  10. Shiny

    It kind of makes me want to translate “Rock the Casbah” into Hebrew and see how it flies…

  11. AnnieH

    Meant to tell you yesterday I always thought this song was “Rock the Cashbar.” Wish I’d known that before Chrissie’s wedding last weekend. Makes for a super sing-a-long though.

  12. Elisabeth

    Damn. Just lost my comment.

    I love Rachid Taha! He also did a great, and notorious (at least, in France) cover of a French classic, originally penned by Charles Trenet, titled Douce France (Sweet France), but he twisted it in his own, ironic way (well, because France is not overly sweet to Algerian immigrants.) His cover of the Clash’s Rock the Casbah rocks my socks too.

  13. SAJ

    Thanks for the song, Neil. 🙂

  14. Joe Crawford

    Very cool stuff!

    Roni Duani official site:

    Rachid Taha official site:

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