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Where Am I?

Working at writing partner’s home. No internet access. Forced to watch NCAA basketball games. How many of these basketball games are there? Do people watch all of these games? I’ve never heard of half these schools! There is actually a channel on DirectTV where they show four games at once all on the same screen, so you can make believe you live inside a sports bar. This is what I imagine Hell to be like. At least if there were some Hooters girls, it would be interesting. But nothing but the pimply kid who brought us the pizza. Help!


  1. turnbaby

    I used to watch every. single. game.

    yeah I am a sports chick.

    My team–UK–fought hard but lost*sigh*

    I’ll still watch to see what happens.

    Sorry it’s vexing you sugar.

  2. di

    Ouch … sounds like iPod territory.

  3. paperback writer

    We’re not so obsessed at the Paperback Writer household, but we will watch the Pitt games.

    Go Pitt!

  4. gorillabuns

    It’s called “March Madness” and it’s what divorces are made of.

  5. bookfraud

    you aren’t excited by the full throttle miss. valley state v. ucla (your town!) throwdown? the winthrop v. wash state showdown? the belmont v. duke thriller?

    four games at once? welcome to america, neil.

  6. Nat

    No Internet. No Hooters. Makes Neil very cranky.

    (Not sure how you are putting up with it all.)

  7. Not Fainthearted

    But are you getting any writing done with said “writing partner?” THAT’s what inquiring minds want to know!

  8. Finn

    That’s what I envision hell to be like.

  9. MammaLoves

    Shoot, we might need to break up. I love March Madness. You might too if you had money on it.

  10. churlita

    I like March Madness. But if you don’t, I hope you brought some good books.

  11. better safe than sorry

    no internet access, yikes!!!
    we don’t do basketball in our house, but we do have the ultimate sports package, there is always, ALWAYS a hockey game on some channel, any given time of the day, even if it’s 20 years old, they still watch.
    good luck with your writing.

  12. wendy

    What a good boy you are for checking in….

  13. Tex In The City

    I date a sports writer. I took the ‘if you can’t beat ’em…join em’ approach. Now I have my own bracket!

  14. melanie

    dribble dribble shoot. heh.

  15. Danny

    Hold it, what kind of Hollywood screenwriter has no Internet access? I suspect he’s a Scientologist trying to reel you in. The basketball games and bad pizza are to dull your mind so he can move in for the kill. If Tom Cruise comes to the door, RUN!


    Neil, tell me where you are…I’ll bring you chocolate chip cookies. That should help

  17. Elisabeth

    The most politically incorrect thing that I have ever heard about the NCAA tournament was at least twenty years ago, when a friend of ours, who had a business, met a client who, at some point, trying to get into some sports small talk, asked him if he had been following the “NAACP tournament” (I am not kidding!) – this was an amazing slip of the tongue. Very revealing of his views on NCAA basketball.

  18. heyjoe

    I feel your pain, Neil. You know what WE did today instead of watching BB? Saw Horten Hears a Who. Pretty damn funny, but them I’m simple-minded.

  19. brettdl

    Time to be assertive. Tell your writing partner you are there to WORK, not play.

  20. Marichar

    Hmm cute idea but I think the women might be at a bit of a disadvantage if they have to fight aaingst the game for the guy’s attention (that’s based on my sexist assumption that only men like basketball of course..) isn’t that something that usually comes up later in a relationship.

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