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Happy St. Paddy’s Day

Her hair was red.  It burned of poetry and stubbornness.  I was a afraid of her.  Her eyes flashed.  She was not like any other girl I had ever met.  She had the spirit of a prize fighter. She would use language like the writer she was, then knock you out in the ring with her tight fist.  Was it her red hair that made her like fire?  Dublin was hot that summer.  She had no air-conditioning in her flat.  I loved the multitude of freckles on her chest, like stars in the sky.  You could spend forever counting them with your finger.  But she was too impatient for that. After a few freckles counted, she’d be saying, “Let’s get on with it!” The Irish are like that.



  1. Inarticulate Fumblings

    You’re a brave man.

  2. Yvonne

    You had me going until ‘Dublin was hot that summer’. Happy Saint Paddy’s Day to you to. Hope you’re feeling better.

  3. MammaLoves

    I just want to know one thing.

    Where are Maureen O’Hara’s freckles?

    Some Irish lass she is.

  4. chantel

    I had a long story prepared for today then I got drunk. Story of my life or every other Irish person’s…

    Happy St. Patty’s day.

  5. Mr. Fabulous

    You complete me.

  6. Julie

    Happy St Patrick’s Day! My only green today is my bra. And no, I’m not sending you a pic.

  7. Annie

    My only green are my eyes, today is my birthday too. Happy St. Pat’s day right back at you.

  8. Loralee

    Red is always my very favorite hair color to be.

  9. Neil

    Happy birthday, Annie! What a lucky day for you.

    Mammaloves — airburshed out in the pre-Photoshop way.

  10. Pants

    Red’s a good color.

  11. Kyra

    I’m all for red hair! 😉 It’s possible I’m biased though.

  12. leah

    Ha, accurate too.

  13. Nics

    Red hair rocks. I am extremely biased. Happy St Paddy’s Day! I am sadly alcohol free.

  14. Amanda

    There’s a funny video up on today about St. Paddy’s Day and Guinness:

    Check it!

  15. tiff

    I’m surprised you didn’t ask for pictures of us red-headed bloggers. 😉

    Happy O-Drunkenday!

  16. Neil

    Tiff, are you a redhead?

    Nics, you are special because you are an authentic Irish lass. What happened to your blog?

    Amanda — cute. I see you work for moblogic. What a surprise! I normally delete these types of irrelevant promotional comments, but since you live in Queens, I’m going to let this one slide. Happy Paddy’s Day!

  17. better safe than sorry

    i’ve got a redhead in my house, makes life a little more interesting at times.
    happy st. paddy’s day!

  18. pam

    True story: When I was working in Dublin, I would stop what I was doing, lean back in my chair, and close my eyes just to listen whenever that dreamy Colin would come over to talk to the guy that sat next to me. It was software testing and what they were talking about was really boring, but I Did Not Care.

    I (heart) the Irish.

  19. e

    As a bonafide Irish girl (my mother’s name is Kelli Erin Shea) I have to say, we need more days honoring the freckled gals. Lovely post Neil… You get a hug from THIS Irish girl. 😀

  20. natalie

    um…did you know that st. patrick’s day was actually on saturday, march 15th, this year? i know. i missed it too. sigh

  21. Finn

    I envy Pam being surrounded by dreamy Irish lads with THAT ACCENT. *swoons*

    Redheads rock…

  22. Jennifer Griffin-Wiesner

    I love this and linked to it today. Thanks. 🙂

  23. adena

    Awww….I’m a redhead…glad SOMEONE likes us!!

    I have a green shamrock tattooed on the top of my foot…I think that qualifies as REALLY being Irish and wearing green today!!

    I committed to it!!

  24. tiff

    Neil – I’m a redhead now. Have been for a year. I’m a quarter Irish too, complete with thsoe (damned) freckles.

  25. melanie

    i am an unnatural redhead. 🙂

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