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Emails From My Mother



“You should write something happy. Just because you’re depressed, doesn’t mean you have to depress the entire world.”


“I don’t mind when it is funny, but do you have to be so “dirty?”


“Before you show pictures of your room you should hang up your clothes.”


  1. I have no idea why you’re in therapy.

  2. But Mrs. Kramer, we love when Neil depresses us. Really!

  3. Ok those are just hilarious.

  4. Wow, your mom is so nice and sweet.

    Not even one F bomb was dropped.

    Call your mom.

  5. You sure that wasn’t MY mom?

  6. My mom is my unofficial “blog monitor” too.

  7. I’m just impressed half your wardrobe is actually hanging up.

    I know mine isn’t.

    Then again, I didn’t publish my wardrobe to the blog world. Perhaps I should?

  8. my mother reads my blog then doesn’t remember reading it. I like the “dirty” line. LOL.

    you aren’t depressed. You are in transition.

  9. When you’re done hanging clothes, could you come over and hang mine?

  10. Back when my mother knew that I had a blog, she would constantly ask me to write something for one of my uncles because “it would make him happy.”

  11. I think it’s a sign of your great mental health that you can write about all of those topics knowing that your mother will be reading it. That is courage.

  12. sheesh, someone gets in a new yorker article, and they become an expert on blogs.

    this is why mother has no idea i have a blog.

    please explain to her that “funny” and “dirty” are blog siblings.

  13. it would be awesome if your jewish mother met my jewish mother 😉

  14. I just read that post from two years ago. (which is hilarious by the way)Why do you think that gave you a bad reputation?

    Anyway. Anyone who has the balls to publish a “real life” picture of their closet and “pseudo closet” (which is what I call the laundry baskets and piles of clothes on my floor) is someone with self-confidence and assurance I can only dream of.

    And yes, that dangling participle is killing me.

  15. This motherhood gig never ends.

  16. I would die if my mother read my blog.

    Now tell me, which of us really needs therapy?

  17. Ha! I posted pictures of my dog on my blog once, and my mom called to inform me that she was pissed at me because she could see how dirty my kitchen floor was. Whoops.

  18. One more reason why my mom doesn’t even know what a blog is, let alone have my URL.

  19. my mom isn’t jewish…and she thinks blogging is a waste of time. she never reads mine, but i still hear comments like

    you should really get out more.
    you are blogging too much.

    yet i don’t think she has a clue how often i blog. oh…and she lives in america and i live in turkey. how would she know if i am getting out enough?

    maybe she installed hidden cameras when she came to visit. she is a mom so i wouldn’t put it past her.

  20. Now that’s bravery – not tidying frantically before a photo, knowing your Mum will see it! Hence any photos of my old house where quite ‘tight’ and very very staged!

  21. lol, you’re adorable mrs. kramer!
    hope you called your mom.

  22. Your mom sounds awesome! I’ve always wondered what she thinks about your “dirtier” posts. I can’t even imagine what my mother would say if she ever read my blog.

  23. I wonder what I’d do if my Mom read my blog! Yikes! And my son doesn’t write a blog, nor does he read mine. And, for the time being, that’s all I have to say about that.

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