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Blogging Unshaven and Uncombed




  1. MammaLoves

    And that’s the beauty of blogging. We didn’t have to know unless you wanted to share.

    Personally, I’m blogging in a cast right now. It’s very sexy!!

  2. sizzle

    Do you find you blog better scruffy or clean shaven?

  3. Annie

    But, still oh so cute 🙂

  4. whit

    Is there any other way?

    I’m also big on pantless.

  5. Ash

    Very cute. Can I come over? 😛

  6. Rhea

    That’s quite a beard you’ve got growing.

  7. Tuck

    But are you wearing pants?

  8. TRO

    You really annoy me, bud. You look like hell (that’s not an insult, I look like hell most of the time when I blog and guys can tell each other they look like hell without making them cry) and you still have woman wanting you.

    Must be nice.

  9. natalie

    and where are you? at home? at a hotel? in your car? we must know these important things! because we care. if you are blogging pantless in your car…well we need to know. it’s important.

  10. Marge

    You sir, are brave.
    I refuse to share a picture but I will *tell* you I’m wearing something cute and my hair’s done (of course I showered today). My house in the background is tidy and I most definitely do not have a large zit in an embarrassing place on my face.
    Ah, the (imagined) beauty of blogging.

  11. pam

    I like these pictures. A LOT. Can we see them again in black and white for extra mood, please?

  12. churlita

    Scruffy guys are hott. As long as you don’t smell bad. but I guess blogs aren’t scratch and sniff, so we’ll never know.

  13. 180/360

    I think you look kinda sexy! I like the disheveled look.

  14. Kathy

    That’s not bad at all. I draft most of my stuff and night, so I usually blog in jammies.

  15. Julie

    You have pokey face! I love when DH gets pokey face. Just the right amount too.


  16. Nina

    You are adorable. Look at that face! And lovely unshaven sleepiness! Thank you, Neilochka.

  17. Finn


    Is that your “crumbled” t-shirt?

  18. di

    It suits you.

    I’ve only just convinced Gert that he looks damn fine unshaven, then suddenly I had this change of heart about how good he should look when he goes to the office …

  19. nancypearlwannabe

    Aww. You look so sad, Neilochka. Is this a ploy to get your female readers to comfort you? Because it’s working.

  20. ingrid

    i wish i had stubble. i’d blog with it too.

    seriously. leg hair doesn’t count.

  21. Bre

    Trust me, it’s markedly better than – blogging in a junky t-shirt 🙂

  22. Shelli

    I LOVE it. You have that hunky professor look. 😉

  23. Hilly

    Hey, we exposed ourselves in the same way today! No, not THAT way, pervs…

  24. melanie

    don’t drool on the keyboard darlin. Nice hoodie. it matches your beard.


  25. Neil

    Wow, and I thought that pouting shtick only worked on us guys. Who knew that looking so glum can wet a woman’s panties?! Men — take notes.

  26. blackbird

    You look so vulnerable.
    I think we have the same frames.

  27. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    The fuzz on your face catches the light very nicely.

  28. better safe than sorry

    you kind of look like dustin hoffman to me.

  29. steppingoverthejunk

    HOT HOT HOT! Ttttttsssssssssssizzle! Love the gray in the beard, Neil!

  30. teahouseblossom

    Very nice. You look like a serious and tormented writer.

  31. gorillabuns

    Have I ever mentioned I have a “thing” for glasses?

  32. wendy

    I don’t know Neil…i think you look ..sad…I’d give you a hug..and wink…

  33. Karl

    You’re like a surfer rock star or something.

  34. V-Grrrl

    As usual, I’m with Wendy. The big sad…

  35. Loralee

    Wow, I pretty much look like that 60% pf the time.

    We even have similar glasses.

    Although I am betting that I probably use mine more to complete the “Hot, sexy school girl” outfit more than you do.

    Then again…Maybe not.


  36. Partially Insane

    I think that’s a good look for you!

  37. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Call me crazy, but I’m thinking that’s not such a bad look. Kinda scruffy in a Lukes Danes (Gilmore Girls) sort of way.

  38. Elisabeth

    It’s not true for every man, but with you Neil, scruffy = sexy!

  39. HeyJoe

    Oh BABY! Meroww -Rowwf!. Wait. You’re a DUDE?

    So…how about those Dodgers?

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