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Off to Visit Mom


How many suitcases are we bringing to New York?  (Remember, Sophia is coming with me.  And she is a woman.  A woman with a lot of shoes.  A woman who isn’t sure what shoes to wear in the snow.  A woman who dragged me along for four hours shopping in department stores for boots, but ended up not liking anything.  Are Uggs waterproof?  What do YOU wear in the snow?)

The person who first guesses most accurately how many pieces of luggage we are bringing to New York for a two and a half week visit will win — get this — a $1000 dollar gift certificate from my favorite retailer,! (that is, not, you idiots).  Ha Ha Ha, I love when my own blog post makes me laugh.

Now, bring on the NY bagels!


  1. Dagny

    Sophia’s going to need at least one carry-on plus two checked bags. You can get away with one carry-on probably. That means that Sophia can have your two checked bag allowance for her shoes.

  2. sizzle

    my coworker had NY bagels shipped in because he wanted us all to understand that the bagels we eat on the west coast are not really bagels.

    he was right!

    safe travels to you and sophia.

    i guess 5 pieces of luggage and two carry ons.

  3. Whit

    I think this is a trick question. I’m going to say no luggage.

    Maybe you’ll shop there?

  4. Elizabeth

    4 checked + 2 carryons = 6

    and OH how jealous am I of your bagels?!!!

  5. ekramer

    Now i have to buy bagels

  6. tiff

    What SIZE is the luggage? Harsided or soft?

    2 carryons are obvious, I think, but waht about a garment bag? Are you willing to pay extra for the over-limit?

    So many questions.

  7. therapydoc

    I thought you’re supposed to bring EMPTY suitcases to NY and fill them up when you get there. Have fun.

  8. seven

    4 checked + 2 carry-ons + 1 purse + 1 “day bag” as the airlines call it… I’m gonna say 8 bags altogether. 7 if you don’t count the purse.

  9. psychomom

    I count 7 in the picture.

  10. LVGurl


    Three for Sophia, one for you.

  11. Ash

    Neil, eat a bagel and think about a poor little african girl who has never been to new york..

  12. Laurel

    You: Two carry-ons (which are actually Sophia’s) and two suitcases (one of which is Sophia’s)
    Sophia: Two carry-ons and three suitcases (she will somehow manage to sweet-talk the baggage handlers into not charging you for extra luggage)
    Total = 9

  13. Alissa

    You already told me so I’m not guessing.

    Safe Travels!

  14. OMSH

    And why did Sophia not do 30 days of shoes?

    Or you? You could have photographed hers.

  15. Neil

    Elizabeth of Blue Poppy wins the fabulous and useless prize! We are wearing our winter coats on the plane. One suitcase is my clothes plus Sophia’s more chic winter coat (she is bringing two coats). One suitcase is all Sophia’s. The third suitcase is mostly Sophia’s shoes and some computer cables, camera batteries, modern tech stuff, etc. We are also taking three laptops — one for Sophia, one for me, and one old one that we are giving to my mother.

    So — six pieces of luggage. (this is not really including Sophia’s purse or the plastic bag with grapes and bottles of water that we are bring along with us. I don’t really consider that “luggage” and this contest goes by my rules) Thank you for playing!

    Does everyone travel like this?

  16. tamar

    I thought people went to NYC specifically to shop. So why shlep anything but empty luggage (that you only pack when you return home)?

  17. Elisabeth

    Have a great and safe trip to NYC, and a wonderful time there! Yeah, bagels!!!!

  18. V-Grrrl

    One of my readers had NY bagels shipped by international FedEx to Belgium.


  19. 180/360

    I was just wondering if Uggs are waterproof or not myself. Did you find out? Happy travels…

  20. teahouseblossom

    My guess is 12.

    And does Sophia have any hatboxes?

  21. kapgar

    You pack like a girl. 😉

  22. Velvet Verbosity

    I say 4 suitcases and 3 carry ons. That would be three suitcases and two carry ons for Sophia.

  23. Pearl

    I’m guessing 7 bags between the two of you, which includes a couple of carry-ons, a couple of laptop bags, and three LARGE suitcases. One is probably half full, ’cause you guys want to pick up some bargains in NY– Sophia some nice Jimmy Choos, and Neil, some cool Converse and/or funky loafers.
    Enjoy your visit with Mom.

  24. cruisin-mom

    Neil and Sophia, have a good trip. Eat lot’s of bagels.

  25. Kathy

    I was feeling a little smug, thinking I am the lone woman who knows how to pack light, until I remembered that I had actually packed two bags to take with me to jury duty.

    (Okay, it’s not like I’m bringing my entire wardrobe with me, but I do have this fear of being somewhere without enough reading material to get me through.)

  26. stepping over the junk

    Sorels. Not as “cute” as Uggs but better in the weather we are having out here!

  27. tamarika

    Hurrumph – ya’all coming my way and didn’t tell? Oh well, I’ll be in the city tomorrow and I am not telling you neither!

    Have a blast! Merry Christmas in NYC! What could be more fun, eh?

    Will be thinking of you while I’m looking at the tree, and visiting the angel in the park.

  28. e

    It’s a matter of pride for me to travel with as little luggage as possible. Last summer I went to England for a week and then Turkey for two weeks and took a purse and carry on suitcase (my husband took a pair of shorts, a pair of pants and two shirts and filled the rest of his carry on with books). I’m leaving for Oregon tomorrow for over two weeks and only taking a carry on (and most of that is filled with Christmas gifts). I think the trick is to only bring clothes that you love, so even though you only have three outfits, you always look great.

  29. iamthediva

    my guess is 8.

    In Canada – in the cold cold winter, i wear big ugly boots – but they keep my feets so nice and toasty.

  30. mrsmogul

    Cool! I’ll be in Forest hills! Umm three suitcases??

  31. kristen

    I would venture to say you’ve got 3 suitcases (i like odd numbers) and there’s room to spare for more shoes to be bought at the after-Christmas sales that have already started.

    Safe travels.

  32. churlita

    However many you bring, I bet Sophia makes it worth your while by looking smoking hot in all of her shoes.

  33. Nina

    Darn. I was going to guess five. I’ll have to remember to get in on the competitions earlier.

  34. Jennifer

    Being a “if I can’t carry it on, it ain’t coming with me” sort, this is a toughie.

    I’ll guess 4 plus 4 carry ons.

    Wait…does that make 8?

    Have big fun in New York. Tell Mom we said HI!

  35. Jennifer

    Well, hell. You already picked a winner. I still guess 8.

  36. Velvet Verbosity

    Oh, and BTW, Uggs are NOT waterproof. You have to treat them with something and that COSTS EXTRA.

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