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Sunday Brunch

Sunday was Hilly’s birthday. We met Hilly and SJ for Sunday Brunch.

Here Sophia is teaching Hilly how they drink mimosas in Europe, Bruderschaft style. (photo by SJ)

SJ and I in a competitive smiling match. (photo by Sophia)

Hilly and Sophia after two mimosas. (photo SJ)

More mimosas. (photo by SJ)

After one mimosa, I became a little dizzy as I fantasized about being with three women at once. (photo by Sophia)

It never happened the way I had hoped — but I did bring all three women back to the house. Most of the action came from SJ, who decided to take photos of our living room. Here are a couple of her photos. I figured I might as well show you where Sophia and I do it every day — and by “do it every day” I mean watch “All My Children.” (photos by SJ)





Hilly, may this year be your best!


  1. Wow, a slick cool pad you guys have! It’s nice to see that you two are not afraid of color — i likes. ;-D

    btw, how are the plants on the patio?

  2. Hilly beat you to posting that first photo. Just thought you’d like to know.

    And now that I am close to having a real job once more, I might be able to schedule in some SoCal roadtrips. Hilly has already been warned. Consider this your warning. Especially since I have Sophia’s cell phone number saved in my phone. Hmmm. There’s a thought. Hilly, Sophia, and Dagny out and about around L.A. without Neil. (Just trying to give you a new therapy topic.)

  3. Oh, and I have now decided that I should have grown-up furniture. But you and Sophia are a little too grown-up for me. I mean it all looks coordinated. Like you planned the space and all. Sheesh.

  4. Oh, Butterfly, I’m sorry you asked. It is not a happy story outside with the plants. The pests are winning.

  5. fan-friggin-tastic pics. i love the levels of mimosas and the house is a gem.

  6. What a lucky, lucky man to share space with such lovely ladies.

    And – holy cow – EXCEPTIONAL decor! Love your style to bits.

  7. Ah, so that’s your house!! Amazing colors and so hip!!

  8. Who painted the furniture?

  9. Lovely sense of style from all involved. At the brunch and in the decor.

  10. It was a great brunch and yes, our mimosas were filled to the brim. Thanks again for everything :).

  11. All of these blogger meet ups are making me rather lonely. Neil, when you and Sophia get to Texas you MUST call me IMMEDIATELY.

    I love the shot of Sophia after the mimosas – beautiful.

    And you, basking in all that womanness weren’t doing so bad yourself.

    The HOUSE! Such a surprise – so vibrant! I’m loving the fireplace. Way to rock the neon green!

  12. mimosas make me dizzy too though i’ve never started to fantasize about having three women at once. 😉 great pics! that one of sophia alone is gorgeous. love her hair ‘do. (tell her for me.)

  13. Holy moly! Your house is awesome!!!

    Also, the only time I’ve ever had a mimosa was on a train with my mom. It didn’t end particularly well, but it was fairly hilarious. In fact, I think you just gave me a post idea!

  14. LOVING the pics of your place! So bright and colorful and…inspired!

    Sadly, though, I’ve never had the foresight to fantasize about having three women at once. I tend to delude myself into thinking one – namely me – is enough. 😉

  15. My, what colorful walls you have.

  16. your home is soooo colourful, and your lady friend is hawt!!

  17. Why do I think that if Sophia had one more mimosa somebody was going to get very lucky? The waiter probably…

  18. So the bold..would be Sophia..or you?

    Really inpressed. THe home as a reflection of ones self..not a new idea..but has got me thinking..

    Sorry the three-fer didn’t pan out for you…

    Maybe next time..ya never know!

  19. oh..and I must see a better picture of that monkey on the stairs….

  20. Love the decor and all the color! So Mexican, I mean Modern.

    The alien chick kind of freaks me out a bit but you probably see her as someone to get into the sack!

  21. That line about “All My Children” is a classic. Love it…and the house is great. It’s encouraging me with my plans to move forward with painting my dining room red.

  22. Okay, first of all, Hilly is radical and I wished her a happy birthday over on her blog, but I’m gonna do it again here too: Happy Birthday!!! Secondly, your house looks so fun. It provides such interesting insights into who you are! I love all the vibrant colors, and I suspect Sophia is behind them. Very funky and cool. SJ takes some nics pics, as well. Glad y’all had some fun!

  23. Um… I love your house. The bright colors are great, but would terrify my husband if I even mentioned using them!

  24. Typical Neilochka, few drinks, or should I say one drink and the sexual fantasies pop right out! Great pad though, love the pic on your stairs. Who is it by?

  25. Wendy — very observant to see the monkey on the stairs! He’s been there forever (and a pain to dust).

  26. I had no idea you blogged from a place that was located in a 1970s time-warp.

    Way cool. 🙂

  27. Must ask. Is there a personal connection to Omni? I used to be an editor at its back-in-the-day rival, Discover, and used to write for its companion, Longevity.

  28. TC — I think Sophia asked for it years ago when they were taking it down in a NYC subway. I remember it as a cool magazine.

    TRO — Now my obsession with ABBA is explained.

  29. That was very considerate of you not to kiss and tell. You protected all of their respective honor.

  30. If I had a few mimosas and then tried to focus my camera on that color circus I might have some problems, but without the mimosas I think it’s quite pretty!

  31. How funny! Hilly and I were discussing that exact same fantasy all the way back to Irvine. We pictured you as quite astounding in your stamina.

    It was a lovely day, and I hope we do it again sometime!

  32. Your house kicks butt! Love it.

  33. Yo Neil, great pictures.

  34. How funny. I’ve always envisioned you in B&W, like sitting behind an old typewriter. I’d have never guessed you’d be surrounded in technicolor.

  35. I can’t believe how much COLOR you have in your living room. My living room is the Darth Vader to your Pee Wee Herman.

  36. Rounds of mimosas. You are my kind of people.

  37. I’m a monochromatic/white/hints of colour girl. You kids have courage!

  38. Will you please come and decorate MY house in fun, primary colors????

  39. Wow, what a house, love the colors. A mimosa sounds like a great idea right now!

  40. Your home is lovely. Gorgeous taste.

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