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Good Luck Tomorrow

For Schmutzie, before her surgery:

The World’s Largest Rooster
Shediac, New Brunswick

A big talent and a big heart deserves a big, uh, rooster.


  1. Shediac also has the world’s biggest lobster. Really. Look it up, it is astounding. We spent a week in Shediac. It’s where the gulf stream hits land, and the water is warmer than in North Carolina. Gorgeous and CHEAP. Plus everyone speaks french so you really feel like you’re in a different country.

    Nice rooster!

  2. you have such a huge, uh, rooster, neil.
    (good luck, schmutzie!! xo)

  3. Hey, I’ve been to Shediac.

  4. No, there’s a larger rooster just up the street from my house. Seriously.

  5. Dana, what is this crap. You lie. This is the OFFICIAL largest rooster in the world. It even says it on their website. Yours may be a large rooster, but it isn’t the largest.

  6. Things you see in New Jersey…..

  7. Strangely, I am starting to feel positive about tomorrow’s surgery, and this is icing on my cupcake. Thanks, Neil!

  8. Good luck Schmutzie. And after, you can take a road trip to get a pic of you with the largest rooster! 🙂

  9. Mmmmm . . . think of all the fried chicken! Good luck, Schmutzie!

  10. HEY!

    I’m FROM there!

    (Or close enough.)

    What is it that makes Canadians so very excited to see mention of their hometown/something close to it/somewhere in Canada?


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