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Doin’ the Pigeon

Thanks for reading the baby pigeon saga. It really happened! Although we should probably do something about the problem of his parents, who are creating havoc with our cable —









  1. sputnik

    Awesome! I never knew Bert had dancin’ legs and wore saddle shoes. And proof that there are actually other pigeon fans (?) out there.

  2. V-Grrrl

    So Neil, can you do the Pigeon with a broom for a partner? Just asking.

  3. psychomom

    OH MY GOD!

    I must have missed that episode of Sesame Street, dang. I liked seeing his legs too and I want to make a pair of those socks!

    PBS and COTM rock!

  4. deannie


  5. deannie


  6. Neil

    At least it wasn’t ABBA.

  7. paintergirl

    hey it’s kind of catchey isn’t it.

  8. Pearl

    You always manage to tie everything it neatly, don’t you?

    I couldn’t help but have flashbacks to one of my all-time fave shows, “The Carol Burnett Show.” She used to play a character of a bag lady and coax the pigeons in the park with “Here, pidgey, here pidgey…” I can just picture Neil Kramer doing the same, then squawking when the pigeon approaches!
    Have a great weekend, Neil & Sophia. Sophia, hope you’re doing well, and enjoy the planting you’ve been doing.

  9. Mr. Fabulous

    It is obvious that the pigeons simply want you to watch less TV and read more.

    BTW, I am seriously thinking about murdering you so I can take over and have a PR6 blog.

    I thought it only sporting to warn you.

  10. AscenderRisesAbove

    “See the one with the feathers…” Hilarious!

  11. Neil

    A PR6 blog?

  12. Kate

    I can’t believe you failed to have your baby pigeon spayed or neutered before sending it back out into the wild. That was really bad parenting, Neil. Now she’s just gonna get knocked up and try to raise her babies on your patio.

  13. L.A. Daddy

    PR6 means “Page Rank” in Google-speak.

    It means you’re popular. Like Olivia Newton John popular. People like you! They really like you!

    Let’s see what my blog’s page rank is…


    Ack! 4 out of 10. Someday, Neil. Someday.

  14. Neil

    Oh. Alright! Google rank. Bring on the money!

    And Olivia Newton John is hot — or at least she used to be. Haven’t seen her lately. But I bet she’s still hot.

  15. Two Roads

    Neil, call animal control to come breakup that pigeon nest. yuck! Sorry folks, I have a big aversion to pigeons.

  16. Dagny

    I will have to make my guests learn that dance tomorrow. hehe

  17. Shelli

    It was awesome!

  18. Jay

    Be still my heart.

    Yeah, so not jealous, actually.
    Frankly, I’m surprised (though glad) you survived.

  19. helen

    “what the pigeon wants, it taketh..”

    It’s taking over your turf. It’s moving in with you.

  20. Jane

    I mentioned the Muppets the other day in class and my students looked at me like I spoke a foreign language. I think it’s so sad that the kids of today aren’t really exposed to Sesame Place:( Travesty, I tell ya.

  21. plain jane

    Wow. You worked that pigeon angle for a whole week! It was grand.

  22. Margaret

    If you relocated my baby, I’d mess with your cable too!

  23. Marilyn

    Pigeons and doves are not the same thing, are they? My mother-in-law says I have doves, but they look like pigeons. I’ve been feeding them and if I’m feeding doves that sounds good but if I’m feeding pigeons I feel pretty stupid.

  24. Patois

    If the pigeons somehow get electrocuted in the cables — I’m not saying you’re wishing for it, but I’m saying if it happens — you’ll get some nice roast squab, right? A good by-product, yes?

  25. mrsatroxi


  26. Pearl

    G;a the pidgeon was ok. I love Burt.

  27. Pearl

    never type tired.

    Glad, I’m glad and Bert, I love him, I just don’t know his name. Gah!

  28. amanda

    so, i saw a news program about how great pigeons actually are and how some people have coops of them like chickens, and they care for them, and so on. i can’t buy into that for this singular reason: one time i saw one pecking at human vomit on the sidewalk. i will never think of them as anything other than indiscriminant vermin. i feel bad for feeling that way about them, but that was just revolting.

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