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  1. plain jane

    I’m waiting with bated breath.

  2. Jurgen Nation

    AAAAHAHA! I love this. I cannot wait. Is that the real pigeon? Wait. Don’t tell me.

  3. V-Grrrl

    Blog trailers! How cutting edge!

  4. Sam

    Wow. My hopes are up!

    *Sits eagerly cross-legged*

  5. better safe than sorry

    oooooooooooo, i hope it has a happy ending, i love a happy ending! but i hope it’s not a pigeon on a bbq kind of happy ending, happy for you but not the pigeon. mmmmmmmmm, pigeon.

  6. Girl Friday

    In a town…
    [establishing shot ext day: Redondo Beach]
    …where bipeds rule…
    [ls ext day: people crossing street, pigeons on sidewalk]
    …everything seems to be as it should be…
    [old man on park bench reading newspaper, dog licking his genitals]
    One pigeon…
    [medium shot: pigeon]
    … will wander for hours …
    [medium shot: pigeon wandering around in circles]
    … until the day …
    [pigeon ruffles feathers, flaps and flies away]
    … that pigeon finds …
    [pigeon lands on a patio]
    … the patio.
    From the producer of Squabs:
    The Pigeon on the Patio
    Written by Neil Kramer
    Directed by Martin Scorcese
    Starts tomorrow in selected blog feeds, and only … on Citizen of the Month

  7. Long Story Longer

    This gave me a nice little laugh this morning. Can’t wait for the full-length feature.

  8. Tuck

    Squirrel on the Bench?

  9. Lisa

    Hehehehe!! How much did you pay Girl Friday for that narrative? You two are funny!!

  10. Caryn

    I hope there will be movie-related swag. And video games.

  11. Girl Friday

    Lisa reminded me, Neil, I need to send you my standard contract for promotion and PR; that’s 5% of domestic gross and 10% of the gross proceeds of international and video sales/rentals. I’ll have my people contact your people. Ciao, babe.

  12. Peter

    hee hee

    Genius idea.

    Was it directed by Michael Bay?

  13. Nance

    Holy Crap, Peter, if Michael Bay directed it, then I’m definitely not coming back to see it. There will be guts everywhere. He cannot go three frames without blowing something up.

  14. Dana

    Does it have to? Could you not release it, please? Also, where’s the booming voice over by Don LaFontaine?

  15. PocketCT

    Oooo exciting bird blogging. June 19 too far away. I want it now!

  16. plain jane

    Neil, what a rock star you are. Look at all the comments you get for just announcing that you are going to write a post!

  17. shortie

    LMAO… awww see. Now if you’re blogging about dang birds life can’t be too bad ;).

  18. Mrs Mogul

    Umm hmmm I bet there’s going to be a lot of poop coming up?? Jumping up and down

  19. Pearl

    I like you, Neil, really I do. But if your blog is going to feature a post about a pigeon on the patio, I need to read Penis’s POINT-of-view about it. Just thought you ought to know.

  20. Richard Heft

    Having been tipped off in advance, you all need to STOP thinking about Michael Bay and Martin Scorsese and START thinking about Chuck Jones and Tweety.

  21. Albert

    Well, now I’m just going to sit here clicking “refresh” for 24 hours. The suspense is so, um, suspenseful.

  22. MichelleV

    Intriguing… And such great news for you and Sophia.

  23. paintergirl

    yes blog trailers-I can dig that too.

  24. Dagny

    I don’t know. I have grown to hate trailers in some ways. It’s always too long from the time that you see the first trailer before you can actually see the full feature. I want my movie/story now! No, no, no. Last week!! Because I have the attention span of a gnat and I’ll forget about your story and move onto the next.

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