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A Spring Night’s Dream


I fell asleep early tonight.  Around 2AM, I woke up after having a vivid dream.  I went downstairs and found a sleeping Sophia in front of the TV.    She hates sleeping on the couch, so I helped her upstairs to the bedroom. 

I’m now back in the living room, totally awake.  What I have on my mind — is the dream that woke me up. 

I sometimes read about the dreams of other bloggers, but I NEVER remember my dreams.  I’ve even tried to wake up with a notebook at my side, but the minute I open my eyes, ZIP, it is erased.

But tonight, I remember my dream! 

If you are waiting for something profound, please go to another blog.


I am in my childhood home in Flushing, Queens.  I exit my bedroom with a bunch of old newspaper clippings.  Sophia is sitting on the living room couch.  I lift up one of the clippings to show her.

“You’re not going to believe what this one says!” I say to her.  “It’s from an article that I wrote for my fifth grade newspaper.”

I read from the clipping.

“”Why Computers Are Not Going to Make It,” by Neil Kramer, P.S. 154 Newspaper.”

I continue on, as Sophia chuckles.

“Some experts say that one day,  computers will be important.  While computers may do some math, I don’t think that anyone will use a computer to get information.  Can you imagine looking on a computer rather than going to your local library?’

Sophia and I can’t stop laughing as I read this fifth grade “news” article (which I never wrote in real life).  Suddenly, we realize that the entire living room is on the “American Idol” stage and the audience is applauding.  Randy Jackson loves what I wrote.  Paula gives me a standing ovation.  Simon says it is the most original piece of writing since Mark Twain.

Suddenly, I’m walking through some cobble-stoned European city.  There is an alarm coming over “air raid” loudspeakers which are standing on every block.   Every pedestrian stops walking and stands silently. 

“What’s going on?” I ask some gentleman wearing a hat.

“It’s May Day.  And it’s been re-invented.  Now we all celebrate YOUR fifth grade article on “Why Computers Are Not Going to Make It.”  During the alarm, all women undress to honor you.”

I look around and every woman is taking off her bra and panties and dancing for me.

That’s when I woke up.

I know this dream is very adolescent, but it really happened… well, at least in my dreams.


  1. Rach

    Good one Neilochka, love the fact that despite a teckie dream the women get their kit off. Love to you and S

  2. better safe than sorry

    i rarely remember any dreams, kind of freaks me out when i do. “they” say it’s your unconscience telling you something, maybe it’s you don’t need to see other naked women when you’re got a beautiful (separated) wife? or you should be applying for a job at the local newspaper?

  3. sarah

    oh..the psychobabble i could do to analysis this dream! wow.
    apparently its time for you to go and write a book!

  4. plain jane

    So Sophia, what’s the truth factor of this post?

    Loved it.

  5. Pearl

    Ahh… to sleep, perchance to dream.

    I have ALWAYS had very detailed, colorful and vivid dreams…sometimes much more exciting than my everyday, mundane life.

  6. Karl

    Sounds like you had the same sort of sleep night that I did. I woke up off and on all night. No women stripped for me, though. Dammit.

  7. Dagny

    What did you eat before falling asleep?

  8. wendy

    hum…interesting..more interesting is that YOU made an appearance in my dream last night….With all your clothes on..I might add……

  9. psychomom

    May day, fifth grade, stripping women, alarms…

    What is Cinco de Mayo?

  10. Bryna

    I love it. Don’t ever say that it’s not profound!

  11. kat

    Niceeeee! Dangit! Now I have dream envy! Sulks away…

  12. SJ

    I almost always remember my dreams. Sometimes I dream in chapters, waking up in between but going back into the “story” when I fall back asleep. Wouldn’t it be great if we could videotape our dreams?

  13. Kyra

    I remember almost all my dreams. It makes you feel like you never actually “rest”. Of course, when they’re the right kind of dreams… well, lets just say I’m not complaining!

  14. Ariel

    Sounds like too much cheese before bedtime…

  15. Churlita

    Nice dream. too bad it ended early. it could have turned into a totally different kind of dream.

  16. peefer

    The part you’ve forgotten is that all the men took off their clothes too.

  17. N

    Wow. I need more dreams like that!

    What did you eat before you went to sleep last night? I usually get really bizarre and vivid dreams after eating corned beef hash…

  18. Jay

    I love the kind of craziness our minds come up with when we sleep. Doesn’t it drive you mad wondering what you miss out on when you can’t remember?

  19. Bre

    Did you try to go back to sleep to dream the rest?

  20. Mrs Mogul

    I went to ps 117 in flushing until 4th grade. I did have a dream about a blogger the other night but it was the first and only time! I don;t even know this person!! It was weird!!!

  21. Dana

    Dreams are one of my favorite forms of entertainment. May Day! May Day! Neil, I think metaphorically you’re looking for more, um, exposure. And maybe still a little mad about the LA Times Op-Ed thing. If you can get THAT much adulation from a (completely hilarious and rather non-prophetic) fifth-grade essay, screw ’em! I say, go for broke and shoot for higher publication avenues!

  22. an9ie

    I look around and every woman is taking off her bra and panties and dancing for me.

    I can’t believe I didn’t see that one coming!

  23. stepping over the junk

    This in a weird way reminds me of the dream I have on occasion, caught in a pumpkin patch maze of hay bales and not being able to get out and having Johnny Depp save me as the character he was in 21 Jump Street.

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