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Behold the Power of the Blog

Sophia had minor surgery yesterday.   She’s doing OK.   But it was one stressful day.  Not only do I hate sitting in waiting rooms, not knowing what is going on, but the CNN coverage of the Virginia Tech shootings was on TV, and I felt faint.

And where was this surgery?   Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the same hospital I mocked on this blog LAST WEEK after Sophia’s mother spent some time there!

As Sophia was in pre-op, she was reading my blog on her cell phone.  One of the nurses asked her what she was reading. 

“Neil’s blog,” said Sophia.

“What’s a blog?”  asked the nurse.

“It’s a personal journal,” said another nurse.

“Not always,” said Sophia.   “Neil writes about different things.  He even wrote about Cedars Sinai.”

Sophia showed her the post where I criticized the hospital for poor signage on the Saperstein Tower.

Later, as Sophia was drifting off from general aenesthesia, the last thing she remembers hearing from underneath the mask was the aenesthesiologist telling the others that “We better do a good job or we’ll all end up on this guy’s blog tomorrow!”

You did good work, Cedars-Sinai.   Behold the Power of the Blog! 

Send regards to Sophia.


  1. Caron

    Sophia,I hope you recover quickly! Remember you don’t always have to tell your husband just how fully recovered you are right away – milk that doting attention for awhile!

  2. sizzle

    sending big love to sophia!

    look at you and the power you yield.

  3. Non-Highlighted Heather

    Heal quickly, Sophia. xo

  4. Finn

    Sophia, you are a brave woman. I would have been afraid that they’d retaliate! Speedy recovery sweetie.

    Neil, you are the MAN!

  5. Rhea

    Really? Did they really say that? Cool.

  6. steppingoverthejunk


    I am hysterically laughing about Cedars Sinai. Glad Sophia is doing well.

  7. Churlita

    Get well soon, Sophia.

    That’s it. I’m threatening everyone with my blog from now on. Too bad I don’t have the kind of readership as you, so I could do any real damage.

  8. psychomom

    Get well Sophia, Neil said he would wait on you hand and foot until you are all better.

  9. Alison

    A speedy recovery to you, Sophia (or not so speedy, as Caron implied!).

    And Neil, I now have this image of you singing “I Got The Powah!” Hehehe.

  10. mckay

    ooooooo! can we all send get well cards to danny’s address? ;0)

    best wishes for getting well, soon, sophia.


  11. gorillabuns

    here’s to a speedy recovery sophia!

    i’ll have to remember this bit of info on my next doctor’s visit. the internet is such a mighty force to be reckoned with.

  12. Danny

    Much love and healing to Sophia. Let me know if there’s anything you need—I can be at Cedars within the hour with a gallon of chicken soup. Tell Sophia not to show your blog to the Cedars-Sinai administration. On the other hand, maybe she can put the fear of God into them and get upgraded to a luxury suite (Cedars is the Hospital to the Stars after all!).

  13. Dana

    Uh, the blog is mightier than the kielbasa?

    Good luck and get well, Sophia.

  14. Hilly

    Tell Sophia to get well soon and I will see her this weekend if she is better!

  15. Hilly

    Ummm…I will see both of you actually, duh.

  16. MichelleV

    Wow to the power of blogging! Way to go if the hospital can clean up its bedsie manner a bit. Get well Sophia. We love you!

  17. Ariel

    Aw… get well soon Sophia!

  18. V-Grrrl

    If Cedars Sinai PR department doesn’t track their media and blog mentions, they’re way, way behind the times.

    I can’t believe Sophia was reading your blog on her cell during pre-op. What a Grrrl!

    Best wishes Sophia!

  19. Noel

    Get well soon.
    I only hope the surgery’s done by an actual surgeon and not the Russian translator requested the other week

  20. Otir

    Sophia: wishing you refuah shelemah y dobrij vuisdarovlienym (with no guarantee this is the correctly spelt wish)

  21. Irina

    Wow, what a great (but risky move!)

    Sophia: Hope you get well soon! : )

  22. Edgy Mama

    Best to Sophia!

    Yea! The power of the bloggie!

  23. Mine is a Gin

    Wishing you a speedy recovery, Sophia!

  24. Bre

    luckily they were awed by the blog and not enraged to the point of recklessness! Best of luck to Sophia!

  25. kapgar

    That’s great! People know we’re on to them and we talk!

  26. tamarika

    I am sending huge hugs and love and kisses to Sophia. Be well. I want you fit and spry for when you join Neilochka and I on that Scrabble date! Smiles, all the way from Philadelphia.

  27. Roberta

    Blessings, Sophia.

  28. plain jane

    Spunky gal. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    P.S. Neil this is your chance to prove your love. DOTE ON HER!

  29. Postmodern Sass

    Poor Cedar-Sinaites. Little do they know it is Sophia they should fear, not your blog!

  30. Two Roads

    This is from Google Beta – Выздоравливай скоро (Get well soon! – I hope Google is at least close to what I asked for.) Abi gezunt! – As long as you’re healthy!

  31. Pearl

    Refuah shlema, Sophia.

  32. Scarlet

    Hope you’re doing well, Sophia!

  33. Dates Bubbas

    Hope you’re up and around and good as new soon, Sophia!!

  34. Not Faint Hearted

    Sophia, speedy recovery and lots of doting attention during your convelesence. Peace.

  35. wendy

    Hope you are feeling better Sophia. Make Neil feed you ice cream.and rub your feet…and maybe a mani-pedi while he’s at it!!

  36. Dagny

    Sophia, here’s to a speedy recovery. But not too speedy as Neil should wait on you hand and foot for an adequate amount of time.

  37. Ash

    Get well soon Sophia!

  38. Su

    What a tough girl, Sophia! I would shake so much before an op I couldn’t even read a large lettered book…

  39. not supergirl

    Best to you Sophia, may you heal quickly.

  40. orieyenta

    Refuah shelamah Sophia!

  41. claire

    Sophia, I hope you’re feeling better soon!

  42. laurie

    I hope Sophia is ok! And yay to you and the power of your blog, keeping that Cedars place in check 😉

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